come sun…

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Aug 302011
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Aug 272011

but my place of employment is in zone C. (flooding from surges) great. the belt parkway is in zone 2 (the road i usually take to get to work.) so not sure if i’ll be able to drive through there on sunday morning (when the hurricane will be at its worst here in the NYC area). the hospital has various leaks and is prone to flooding from heavy rainfall. i can’t imagine losing power as well…not good for patients on fluids/oxygen etc.

what should be done is folks should be diverted/transfered to our other hospital which is in a safe zone and they should close our place for the night. but, somehow, i don’t think that will happen.

and so my work week begins…

Aug 262011

and the cats are getting ready by napping as much as possible…


-move the car to somewhere not under trees
-have a full tank of gas
-buy some water, Ketel One in the fridge will only go so far
-break down and buy a flashlight
-get some matches too
-batteries, size d so you can have musical accompaniment to the disaster as it happens
-juice up the cell, even though reception may not exist
-juice up the iPod, to get away from the crap on the radio
-have a good book on hand
-have non-perishables on hand
-have a plan if you find yourself in the middle of a shit show…. such as no power, no water, no communication
-rethink driving to work in 50+ mph winds. is a paycheck worth your life?
-get cat supplies and have a plan for them to be safe as well
-check first aid kit, replenish with items you’re low on
-have a baggie with change of clothes and toiletries just in case you need to haul ass
-be grateful you don’t have a million dollar home on the jersey shore
-say a prayer for all those who this will truly affect in a negative way

my bro lives in NC with his wife and son. sent him an email this AM and will call him to make sure they are all olay.
be safe folks!

Aug 252011

holy Mother of God! my speakers (which are at least 25 years old) sound amazing!!!!! really, they sound like brand new. i wish i would have done this years ago… holy. i can’t believe how great the sound is…

so so glad i did this. wasn’t too difficult either. ran some errands today, still trying to clean up the couch of pee pee boy’s mess.

all in all, i got lots done, just need to buy baby shower wrapping paper and perhaps pick up a children’s book as well. i love Rainbow Fish and Where the Wild Things Are… i like giving books and music.

one more weekend to get through and then i’m off for almost 2 weeks. can’t wait. i’m thinking i may go to Chelsea Piers and sign up for a rock climbing session and then reserve a batting cage for 30 min…then hit the ice rink for some skating…

i may buy myself a basketball too.

wow. i’m listening to Bon Iver and it sounds so freakin’ great…can’t believe i’ve been listening to mediocre sounds from speakers that were in poor condition…all they needed was new woofer foam.

my next project…buying a new couch.

Aug 242011

i slept through the “earthquake”. didn’t really know we had one until today…when i went to the 24 hour laundromat at 4am weds morning. the 3 guys doing laundry were talking about it.
getting restless. work has been tough. busy (which is good) but always short staffed for one reason or another. i’ve never worked with folks that always have “life stuff” affect their showing up to work. i don’t ask for much, not even for extra hands…just for folks to show up ready to work and leave the “home drama” at home. my third 12 hour shift (Mon night to Tues morning) ended with my relief calling 20 minutes before my shift was supposed to end to say she’d be 30 minutes late…30 minutes turned into an hour. of course it got longer since we still had to round. after a tough weekend (short staffed and busy) that was the last straw…

did not accept her apology. ignored it and shot through rounds to get the fuck out of there.

this after a night of basically doing shit by myself because the assistant decided he needed a nap. it’s gets a little tricky trying to retape an IV catheter on a puppy by yourself. puppies do what they want…

home drama apparently kept him up 24 hours straight. you know what? I DON’T CARE! this guy sleeps every shift i work with him. the doc on duty says nothing. i don’t get that luxury. i have patients to watch. treatments to do. last week, this a-hole didn’t come in, and since he never covers for any of the other assistants (because he’s the only one who apparently has a family…) noone covered him and so it was just me and the doc…

yes. i am grateful to have a job. i thank my lucky stars every day. but i work really really hard. i paid my dues getting to where i am today and have little tolerance for folks who have basically said to my face that family stuff comes first. my question is this then: if family comes first, why have a job? why do you feel that it’s okay to catch up on sleep on the job because you were busy making family first during the day? why work overnights? when i come to work, it’s patients first…not my Mom or sister or brother. my job pays me so that i can perform technician duties. the pay i receive in exchange for my services enables me to pay my bills. i am not saying that family isn’t important and in the grand scheme of things, they should come first. but when you have a job and are at the job, doing the job should be top priority. am i wrong to think this??????????? and of course, this guy is out the freakin’ door at 8:01 am when his shift is over fully awake and refreshed.

so, this is why i’m dogged tired. some due to stress, some due to the fact that it was a busy weekend where i barely had time to sit or eat or pee. not complaining…only when i see fellow coworkers having the balls to sleep on the job and get away with it.

that there are folks out there that have stellar work ethics but can’t find employment while these assclowns have fulltime jobs they take for granted is beyond infuriating…

slept most of Tues (hence missing the earthquake). got up around 3am and decided it was a good time to do laundry (bed and couch) since my tuxedo boy has decided it was a good idea to pee on said bed and couch. at my wits end on how to deal with this cat. he did pee on the spots that the new cat frequents….
it is now 12:24am thursday morning. 2 more nights free until i have to go back. then, after this weekend, i will be free for 11 days. i requested vacation time and will have labor day weekend off. i deserve it. and i don’t give a shit who is pissed off. everyone else is on their 3rd and 4th vacation. i haven’t asked for any time off since we opened over a year ago.

not sure what i’m going to do. will, most likely, drive out to montauk. maybe stay the night. just hang at the beach and get rejuvenated by the ocean. may get a massage as well. that weekend i’ll be going to a baby shower for my nephew and his wife. checked their baby registry and got the butterfly mobile. will pick it up from the store later today. must resist going into BestBuy.

not much else going on.