Jul 292011

underestimate the power of someone to completely and utterly surprise you. it doesn’t matter who they are or how long you’ve known them. you never really know people. and they can actually disappoint.
Mark Morris Dance Group concert was last night. loved it. the costumes were wonderful, the lighting was great and the music/voice so refreshing. he only uses live music. that’s one of the reason’s why i loved taking classes there…there is live music for each class. nothing compares to live…

for the concert in the park he had the Brooklyn Philharmonic and chorus. the last piece titled Gloria music by Vivaldi, was so beautiful. i gasped at times… i could feel how wonderful it must have felt to do the movements the dancers did. i may have to sign up for classes again. i miss the calm, the centeredness, the awareness of my body in space and how it moves. plus, my work schedule changed and would accommodate my taking classes better. i won’t be trying to get through a class on only a few hours sleep because i finished work that morning.
today, i’ll be going to a party at an Irish pub to say farewell to one of the doctors. wonderful doctor, fun, funny, sweet, a pleasure to work with. she’ll be missed for sure. so, i may, after all of these years of promising i’d drink a pint of Guinness, i may just have a few. 🙂

i’m trying to work out how to catch an early show of Cowboys and Aliens. i know, i know, i’m a total nerd, but i love sci-fi/fantasy and more importantly, i love Daniel Craig in those pants! he’s freakin’ gorgeous.

got hooked on Game of Thrones…Sean Bean is gorgeous…so is Russell Crowe, is there a pattern here?????????? i usually like those dark Irish guys…

ah well. wanted to hit the beach today, but it’s promising to be a gray, scattered showers kind of day. it’s currently 2:32am and i’m hoping the forecast is wrong. can’t tell right now though.

still reading:
Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

Lady Chatterly
Jumper (crap, didn’t even finish watching)
Black Death because Sean Bean is a fox

recent downloads from iTunes:
Blood Bank EP by Bon Iver (because i’m in total love with Justin Vernon)
Seven Chinese Brothers, Talk About the Passion, Fall on Me, So. Central Rain, Laughing all by R.E.M. from Murmur and Reckoning albums
Dreams by the Cranberries (although i can’t quite get that freakin’ cruise ship imagery out of my head)

totally and completely psyched about seeing Bon Iver next month. AND, i may just crash the concert in Prospect Park, since it’s outside and they can’t keep the music from my ears even if i’m a few hundred feet away…i can just park myself on a blanket, lay there, and melt.

seriously considering the tattoo. the plan was to get it when i turned 45…i’ll soon be 46 (there are no words for how i feel about that)… but it has to be literary. has to be words..because words make up books and i love books. i love poems. i love songs. just want to make sure i pick something that has meaning for me.

ah well, it’s time to hit the sack. not tired but if i want to hit the party, i’ll be needing some sleep.

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