Jul 202011

“and at once i knew, i was not magnificent…”
bon iver

i’m in love with this band’s music. completely.

busy work weekend. crazy even. but, i got through it. glad. tired. tonight, i am free for 4 nights. had plans to travel to parts up north but the weather is promising to be terribly hot and humid so those plans went kaput!

celebrate brooklyn will have a sing/dance along to West Side Story. would like to go because it promises to be silly. i could use a little silly. next week will be the dance performance by Mark Morris Dance at the park as well, only $3 donation is suggested…i think i can handle that. plus, they are previewing a new piece of work. then, it’s a party to send off one of the docs who is moving to cali. karoake fun for everyone. i’ll be seeing the Bon Iver concert in Aug. the show is now sold out. most likely because the new album is so freakin brilliant. the writing, the arrangements, just so wonderful. there is one song in particular that makes me so happy… Towers.

“from the liver sweating through your tongue”

i love
justin vernon.
just love him.

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  1. Looks like you’ve got a fairly hectic social life at the moment. I was playing with the idea of going to the XPN music festival in Philly, but in all honesty it’s just too freaking hot to sit outside.

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