Jul 092011

i’ve done mostly nothing the past few days. finally have a schedule that puts my days off together. 4 days off is nice. but, the heat/humidity coupled with pms has made it less than nice. i’ve been downing the ibuprofen almost every 4 hours.

still reading prayer for owen meany and started another book (visit from the goon squad) on a co-worker’s recommendation. it’s okay so far. also, found and watched online season 1 of Game of Thrones. fabulous series. season 2 should be just as good. checked out a couple of flicks from the library:
-Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (a good flick to brush up on your Greek mythology), Marie Antoinette (absolutely horrible), Caravaggio (one of my fav of the Italian painters but the flick was too weird), Cranford- you can’t go wrong with anything that Judi Dench is in, and The Holy Girl (haven’t watched yet).

been listening to the new Bon Iver album. absolutely beautiful work.

the cats are driving me nuts. or maybe it’s just that i’m pms-ing… but yesterday afternoon, after feeding them and giving them some catnip, they were both very quiet in the other room….too quiet. so, i get up from reading my book and find both of them coated in catnip, the container on the floor and the top off. they looked like they breaded themselves.

i couldn’t get mad at them, though i wanted to. i cleaned them up, brushed up the remainder of the catnip that was all over the floor and back in the jar which i placed out of their reach.

tonight my work week begins. hope it isn’t like last weekend (crazy busy). i’ll take steady. steady is good. steady, where i can keep up.
need to hit the sack but not tired.

i’m off schedule but i’ll have to force myself to sleep or else it’ll be tough getting through the 12 hours.


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  1. You need to get a nice, cheap digital camera so you can immortalize scenes like coated-cats.

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