Jun 292011

yes. went for a walk yesterday, took a little nap on one of the promenade benches…wonderful breeze off of the water, hazy sky and still, i’m totally sunburned. it was only about 1 1/2 hours total i spent out there…

the tops of my thighs, my feet, my face are bright red. had lotion on but didn’t expect to get sunburned. hit the gym and wet my towel down because it would have really hurt wiping the sweat off my face.

i’ve lost a few inches off of my waist and i’ve lost about 6 pounds. been eating lots of organic, vegetarian fare. stopped off at a great health food grocery store while heading to visit Mom. this store has been there since i was a teen. it’s really expanded to selling health products as well as fresh organic fruits/veggies and vegan/vegetarian products. SO Much cheaper than the healthfood stores around here. i loaded up on veggie burgers and organic cereal (got a great one with pumpkin seeds) and almond milk. i am totally and completely hooked on Stonyfield Farms Vanilla nofat frozen yogurt. it is so freaking good…i dare say, better than ice cream and i love ice cream.

i’ve cut my consumption of bread by about half, only have an occasional bowl of pasta, and have added more nuts and dried fruits to my diet. there is a great cranberry nut mix i get at the local grocery store…so good.

i have to say…i feel good. like my body is becoming unplugged…i feel less bloated. i feel healthier.
tonight, it’s work time. i’ll be working for the holiday as well. got to go to a work party this past saturday…had lots of fun.
trying to read more, have a couple of books on my reading list at my library account website. i love that i can have a book list and add them to the holds list. great feature. i can also pay library fines, see how much i have in my account etc. very convenient.

currently listening to:
-the new Bon Iver album…will see him in concert in Aug
-listeing to Young the Giant. great voice.
-reading “Prayer For Owen Meany” again…

waiting to view:
Greenberg with Ben Stiller
Salome – by Carlos Saura (whom i was exposed as a teen- saw Blood Wedding)
Sense & Sensibility – BBC version
Sex, Lies, and Videotape – haven’t seen in a while

waiting for Jane Eyre to come out of DVD
caught up on the first two episodes of True Blood (not easy to find online for free!!) damn, Eric is so hot. i liked the flashback to how Bill became part of the mainstream movement. don’t like him as king though.

am still and utterly gaga for a coworker. it supremely sucks. seriously sucks.
the Gods are cruel.

a fellow tech whom i worked with at the hosp where i worked when i came back to NYC has gone and moved to Scandinavia, on invitation from a doc. she’ll be working as a tech there. very awesome and wonderful opportunity for her. this has somewhat gotten me to begin taking a little more seriously my desire to travel abroad. europe for her, is a hop, skip, and jump away. i envy her and admire her for taking such a big step. maybe one day, i’ll do the same.

have been checking out the world vets website. they do great work.
rocking out to Young the Giant’s
My Body


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Jun 152011

is flying by and i feel like i haven’t done a damned thing…
do have some activities lined up but those will happen in july and august. this month, i will be going to a work party! excited, well, kind of, that i finally get to go to a party… work functions usually fall on the weekend and i work weekends, so this time, my seniority (my boss rocks) allowed me the chance to go to the party and switch shifts with a newbie. :-)) my supervisor is very very fair and good. finally!!!

have been very tired lately. have been hitting the gym but usually that gives me energy. so, if my body wants to sleep, i sleep. met up with a friend last friday and we went out to lunch in the park slope area. chatted up a storm. so many changes in my old workplace. i am so so very glad i didn’t go back there. most of the folks i liked working with there are gone… the manager who gave me a tough time was fired. karma. it always catches up.

anyhow…i’ve been trying to read more books and on the advice of a co-worker, have a couple of books lined up for summer reading. i’ve placed a few on hold and just picked up one that was available from the library. also picked up some movies as there is crap on tv and most of the tv shows i watch online are done for the summer.

skyline – an absolute piece of crap. don’t bother watching this it is awful
the girl who played with fire – noomi repace is awesome. love her.
rick steve’s italy – doing research…florence/rome (he’s so goofy)
bourne ultimatum – yawn.

am reading “A Prayer For Owen Meany” again. i have to say that my patience is a little bit gone. i fast forward in books and movies…just don’t want to wait. didn’t used to be like this. i had lots of patience. i guess being spoiled with a car and technology has wrecked havoc on my ability to wait.

i don’t like this. must find a way to take my time, wait for things…
will try to head to Mom’s for a visit this week…Friday? haven’t seen her in about a month. anyhow.

time to just chill until i have to get ready for work. hopefully, i can catch a few more hours of sleep. it’s just tough when it is so pretty out..sunny and warm…

ah well…ciao!

Jun 102011

and so i did. yesterday was an African hot day…and after a really busy/tough overnight shift, i came home to a very hot apartment. the cats were spread out as long as their limbs could reach. so, i dusted the ole air conditioner and set it up in the kitchen window, mostly because it was the easiest place to put without breaking my back and where nosy kitties wouldn’t mess with it. it really should go in one of the livingroom windows but the cats love sitting at those windows and i hate having to block one of them.

i took three short showers yesterday. after every one, i felt i needed another one because it was so sticky hot. ran a couple of errands and then headed to the gym. while in the gym, i looked out the window and saw that the sky was getting very dark… i finished my short stint on the cardio machine and bolted out of there because i knew i’d get stuck outside in the middle of a bad thunderstorm, with no umbrella and 10 blocks to walk. sure enough, halfway home, it began to pour…

i made it home without too much damage and finished the workout with 240 crunches. made dinner, ate, fed cats, and settled in to watch….wait for it… wait for it… TV. that lasted all of 10 min. what trash.

decided to watch a few dvds i’d checked out from the library, but promptly fell asleep.

so went yesterday.
today, i head for a quick workout and then to meet a former co-worker who is moving out of the country. we’ll catch up, have a nice lunch and hopefully keep in touch.

i’m feeling fitter, but manoman, it’s really tough getting back to shape. age and work is making it tough. overnight shifts are not normal. you shouldn’t be eating a bowl full of pasta at 2 am…but alas, that’s what happens. everything is backwards.

anyhow. the rainstorm (complete with lightening and thunder) brought with it cooler weather. it’ll be in the 70’s today.

yee ha!


ps. how many of you are playing around with that cool google tribute to Les Paul? i know i am…

swoon june…

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Jun 082011

the month of bursting hearts and aching flowers…in nervous hands. i lie still, so the vapor of you doesn’t stir away. but i’m used to the coming and going, that ever swinging door.

so, i fall in love with dylan and his sullen art, with degas and pastel tulle, with the rose quotes in the garden where romeo lies with juliet… i escape to that cabin in wisconsin where heartbreak is raw and bone cold.

i’m always too late or too early. ten years gone, now twenty. too soon. not enough time, waiting, always waiting. i measure it all in notes, in filled notebooks with dog-eared edges and smeared ink stains.

will this be the year? when small hands will open me and soft eyes say yes?