May 272011

my new african violet

[album 168 kitkatman.jpg]
the new edition to the household sleeping in the sunshine

new flowers on an old shamrock plant!

it is an absolutely gorgeous morning here in bay ridge brooklyn. i’m heading to the shower, then out to enjoy a walk and some serious book reading…

i’m scheduled to work the holiday. so, i’ve got to get some chores in but it’s just too nice to not go for a walk.


May 182011

has nothing on trying to drive over the brooklyn bridge. my trip to parts north took me a total (to and from) 6 hours. SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was drive 2 miles an hour just to get on the exit heading to the bridge last night. the cutters (supreme A-holes who cut the line) made the experience worse. yesterday’s trip to visit Mom was, by far, the worst driving trip i’ve had so far since being back in NYC, my sore butt and aching hamstring will attest to that. in fact, i think driving is what is injuring my leg. it’s my gas/brake pedal leg that consistantly hurts. i can’t drive more than 1.5 hours in the car without my right buttock and right hamstring not aching…

and it makes no difference what time it is…1pm is the same as 3am. there is always traffic and it’s almost always bad.
bought another african violet when Mom and I went food shopping. i re-potted it last night (or rather early this morning). it’s looking great! my shamrock plant is flowering. it hasn’t flowered in years. i’ve been in dark apartments for the past 5 years. this apartment will save my plants. lots of light. i love it. even my sad little aloe plant is growing, i noticed a new finger!
kitkats are somewhat getting along. or rather, the fur hasn’t really flown. that’s good. everyone is peeing and pooing. that’s good. everyone is eating and drinking. that’s good too.
just finished doing my 4 sets of 60 crunches and 3 sets of upper body weight training exercise that work biceps, triceps etc. all in all, i notice a slight difference. have to work on getting more cardio in. may go for a run tomorrow.
the rain has been amazing. last night, after getting in around 1am, there was thunder and lightning. very impressive. despite the crazy weather and worrying my laptop would get zapped, i just had to watch the season finale of Castle. wow. good. then, i caught up a little on Body of Proof. have no clue what’s going on in Grey’s Anatomy or Bones.

tv is hooked up to show the regular network channels but i really haven’t watched it. i turn it on and off just to check and see if it still works. i have no interest in watching it though.
all in all, things are going okay. there are a few free happenings (Celebrate Brooklyn) this summer that i’m looking forward to and they happen on my days off (except for the poetry reading with Robert Bly, very disappointing). i’ll be catching a free dance performance by Mark Morris Dance, a sing/dance along to West Side Story (that’s going to be fun!), and the Bon Iver concert in Aug. he’s got new work ready to be released. there will probably be more stuff (music, dance, etc) that’s free in Prospect Park, i didn’t get a chance to go through the entire summer schedule, but i’m sure i’ll be catching more performances. i’m glad they happen over the entire week and not just on the weekend since i work weekends. i just hope it doesn’t rain all summer. all of the free performances during summer…this alone is worth living here.

was thinking about getting tix for Death Cab for Cutie, but i really should try to save some $$. i do like them.

almost time to get ready for work tonight.

i hope the rain holds off until i can get to my car.

i left my umbrella at Mom’s house.



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May 162011

so, my African Violet is gone. it wasn’t at the old apartment when i checked this past saturday. all i can say is that i hope that it is in a good home and being taken care of.
work sunday night was freakin’ rockin’. i have to say that i’m very proud of myself. i did good. and so did my assistant. and the doc, well, he’s always good. love working with him, he’s one of the good guys.
am supremely sore. did a short one miler saturday morning and have been doing 240 crunches every day for the past week and a half. tonight, i’ll do my crunches, eat a good dinner, and head for bed early since i’ll be driving up north to see Mom. i worked for Mother’s Day so i’ll probably bring her a plant or flowers, i’ve already got the italian bread she requests from here (brooklyn…because you can’t find bad bread here).
the kitkats were left fancy footed and free all weekend while i worked my overnight shifts and i basically returned to an apartment in the shape i left it: good. newkat, though, likes to “run the races” and bunches up my rugs…but that’s about it. nothing broken. there is far less hissing, growling going on and they both greeted me at the door 🙂

looks like it’s going to work out. very happy about that. newkat is a character. very funny and sweet.
time to hit the floor and do the required crunches and fix my dinner in between sets.


May 132011

i lost my beautiful african violet plant. i’m hoping it’s still in the old apartment and still alive. called the old landlord and he hasn’t been in the apartment since i moved out. what a dork.

didn’t notice it was missing until i realized that i only had one of the two nice white ceramic planters…
the new cat seems to be doing okay. tuxedo cat seems to be the one with the problem and growled and hissed everytime he saw newkitty. today, though, he seems to be less irritated with newkat, so i think it’ll work out for all of us. 🙂
Bon Iver will be in concert in NYC this Aug. i missed out on the show in prospect park (which supremely sucks) but i did nab a ticket to catch him at the united palace.
no more purchases for me. it’s been a nice kind of relaxing 2 days off work. not really sure what i’m going to do tomorrow when i have to go to work, i really don’t want to lock anyone up. we’ll see what i decide.


May 102011

the new place is taking shape. i’ve got some prints up. i’ve patched some small holes, bruises in the walls that happened during the move. we’ll see how the paint job looks tomorrow in daylight. the paint was a hair too light…

all in all, very very content to be here. my buddy from college is back in town after a long long stay in another state. she’s back in nyc and it’ll be good to reconnect and share in the splendour that is summer in nyc. lots of free stuff (art, dance, film, theater) and it’d be nice just to walk through central park like old times.

work has been interesting.

thurs morn i’ll try out the kitkat that’s in need of a home. i don’t work thurs or fri so i can supervise how he gets along with tuxedo cat. tuxedo cat is really turning into a little coward. today, the tech came to hook up internet and phone (threw in regular tv channels for free) and tuxedo man tried to retreat underneath the freakin’ stove. he got his head a little stuck…because cats normally can’t fit under there. i gently got him out and locked him in my bedroom.

he’s still in hideout mode. it’s been hours since the tech left. i sincerely hope it works out with the new cat. he’s got a great personality, very very laid back.

so. walking home from the library i felt good. content. i’m back to working out, albeit at home…may quit the gym and get a bike. got a few flicks to watch tonight and 2 books (Anne Rice)…

the previous tenant left a full unopened bottle of top shelf vodka in the freezer…


to Salamander: happy aniversary, it’s your birthday…