Apr 262011

sitting here, moved a heck of a lot of boxes to the new place plus clothes, prints, all things music minus the speakers, vcr, dvd and most of my plants.

i’m still packing. took two naps today. can only move a carloads worth and then it’s pretty tough since the parking on this block is so tough to find. i end up walking a block with stuff piled in my hands… the parking is a little bit easier at the new apartment but it’s the 3 flights up that’s the killer….

the furniture (big items) will get moved Thurs. my bro and nephew will be driving down from parts north to assist. of course, i work weds 8pm to thurs 8am, so i won’t be getting any sleep.

really. i hate moving. the more i think i have a handle on things, the more items surface to add to the pile of stuff that still needs to get moved. crap. i moved stuff saturday, mon, and twice today. and still, there are 4 boxes of books (had to repack since they were pretty heavy) and about 5 boxes of kitchen stuff. all drawers are empty…most of my clothes are moved.

sifting through stuff, throwing out lots.

i may take a shower now, get dressed again, and move stuff to my car at least. it’d be nice to at least fill the truck. just want it done already.
i’ve got a little sunburn too. that’s from sweating my ass off carrying stuff one block to my car…


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  1. You’re carrying all this stuff up three flights!? Well, you don’t need to worry about making time for aerobic exercise this week! [wry grin]

    I just know this is going to be worth it, but until then just hang in there.

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