Feb 222011

so, all of those ads regarding available apartments were scams. ah well, back to the drawing board. hopefully, i’ll be out of here by late spring, early summer. don’t relish having to move again. but, i do look forward to having a bedroom with a door and more closet space. and a better looking bathroom…
so. the search continues.
currently listening to Lotus Flower, track number 5 from Radiohead’s new album, King of Limbs. a gem.
cold today. so cold that when i got back from doing laundry, my face was a bright Santa Claus-like red. hence, my reluctance to venture back outside. screw it. i’ll catch up on long neglected apartment cleaning.
more unrest, killing, etc. just because the people are tired of the shit. of getting the shit end of the stick. of supporting the rich while they themselves go hungry. so i say again, Power to the People. the world needs to support those protesting against their governments.
life is unreal.

thank god there is music.

the scammers…

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Feb 182011

are coming out of the woodwork. what did i expect. when it sounds a little too good of a deal, it usually is. of course, mentioning west africa in a response to an apt inquiry is effing stupid… i mean, i may be a little naive at times, but i am an effing new yorker. so…

i reported the ads as scams and included the emails i received as proof.
forward and onward
so it goes…

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Feb 172011

so, i’ve sent three emails inquiring about 3 apartments. hopefully i’ll get some responses tomorrow. who knows, perhaps i’ll be able to view them.

finally had my eyes examined and got my contacts today. i bought a year’s worth. the insurance was awesome. paid little out of pocket. i can’t believe i worked with such bad sight…these past few years. must take care of my eyes from now on.

next comes setting up my annual check up. i’m overdue. not looking forward to making an appt since it’s usually a hassle to get in and most likely, the appt will be months away. pet owners don’t know how good they have it.

Mom had her MR yesterday. still waiting for the doc to call us. we’ve left several messages. Mom is stressed out. not helping matters. they should know better. i thought for sure, he’d call today but alas, it’s now past 10pm. surely he wasn’t “in surgery” ’til now… it wouldn’t be so bad except for that Mom has a brain aneurysm. she needs to know what’s going on now, not a week from now. they should know that the wait is stressing her out.

i’ll be making another call tomorrow if he doesn’t call by 1pm
my sister surprised me with a frame of 3 pictures from when i ran the marathon way back in 2004. once i move into my new apartment, i’ll hang it up. hopefully, it’ll encourage me to move my butt. i have been going to dance class every thurs, but didn’t go tonight because i got out of work too late this morning. work last night was good even though the assistant got hurt and had to leave. it was just me and the doc and the patients. we handled it well. i bet, though, he’s a little sore from mopping. yes. this stellar doc helped clean and did laundry. he rocks!
finally got the dvd of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe from the library. loved it. a great version, and i’ve seen a lot of them. Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland still rock though…

still reading the Girl with the dragon tattoo…okay caps are out the door….
burned the Beatles Help cd. i think i have over 150 songs of theirs.

tomorrow, it’s back to the gym. apartment cleaning and weeding/throwing out junk i don’t need or use. this will make it easier to move. not sure yet who i can ask for help. i can move the small stuff all by myself although, i am dreading it already. moving sucks. there is nothing much else to say about it.

the weather (dare i say it and jinx it) has been nice and warm. warm for nyc in feb that is…we’ll take 40 man, 40 is good. it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. wow. maybe this groundhog business isn’t so silly afterall.

phil. i’m believing in you.


PS. a shout out to all those protesting for a better life on the other side of the world

POWER TO THE PEOPLE! shake it up.

they don’t make ’em like they used to…

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Feb 072011

i remember walking through central park with my boyfriend, hanging out on one of the many numerous rocks and getting stoned. so stoned that i couldn’t feel my legs. off we went, my paranoia in high gear…supersized bottle of white wine in my pocket book… off we went to the 57the street playhouse to watch the concert movie, Stop Making Sense featuring the Talking Heads.

i have the album. a classic. this is one band i wished i would have seen in concert before they broke up. pure genius. and you gotta love how he moves in that suit. also, Tina Weymouth rocks.

this must be the place
once in a lifetime
girlfriend is better

my favs.

Feb 052011

and i’m glad. it’s gray and getting dark. hopefully the rain will put a dent in the many mountains of snow that are all over the place.

another day.

currently listening to:
Dear Prudence – from The Beatles (also known as the White Album)

also checked out:
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Schumann collection of Cello Concertos

American Hardcore – the history of American Punk Rock 1980 – 1986
Hamlet – Royal Shakespeare Company production with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant
A Farewell To Arms/Meet Joe Black – Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes

last iTunes download:
Iris – Goo Goo Dolls (always liked this song)
currently reading:
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
and also checked out some Lorca (3 stories which include the House of Bernarda Alba) which i read in high school while taking spanish V (got 3 college credits for this class)

need to chill. have to begin getting ready for work in about 45 minutes.

“she’s not a girl who misses much…” fab4