Jan 312011

rough month. and while it’s over…in about 1 hour and 45 minutes, on continues the dismal weather. more snow in the forecast.

have begun searching for another place to live. i’ve been here for about 4 years. it’s time to look for a place that’s in a little bit better condition and that has a door to the bedroom so that i can keep mr. tuxedo cat out. he’s taken up to urinating on the bed again. turning him in to the shelter would be a death sentence. i can’t do that. so, i need a freakin’ door. and more than one closet. and for the ceiling in the bathroom to be whole and intact. i’m sure i’ll find something in my price range eventually. i want to be out of here by spring.
Mom lost her sole remaining sibling this week. we were afraid to tell her. sis told her today. my Uncle was very ill, in and out of the hospital. i can’t imagine what it feels like to lose all of your brothers and sister…being the last one of your immediate family. there are 8 of us…i’m glad she has us.
have finally scheduled an eye exam for tomorrow. my eyes have gotten alot worse. can’t wait until i can see again. work will be so much better…when i don’t have to pour saline into my eyes just before a venipuncture or IV catheter placement. sucks not to see.
must go to sleep. didn’t get enough this past weekend due to all the apt renovations being done in the builing next doorl. drilling, hammering, etc are not conducive to good sleep before heading out to work for the night. so, off i go…

  2 Responses to “over…”

  1. sharing a living space will happen when hell freezes over… living with someone i work with…well, penguins will be playing ice hockey with ole memnoch…

  2. Any chance you can get one of the other techs as a roomie? It might improve your ability to upgrade, although it would cut in on privacy.

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