Jan 262011

wins hands down. yet another snowstorm. the forecast shows snow for the rest of the week…

have to work tonight. debating on whether i should take the bus or drive. all the buses are delayed. the roads i need to travel on are, most likely, clean. i’d just have to drive slow (like i would anyway). i hate losing my parking spot but i really don’t want to be out in the cold waiting for buses that will most likely be late and crowded.

it’s been a crappy year so far for me. not much i can do but get through the day and move forward. even though it seems i’m moving inches…

  2 Responses to “mother nature…”

  1. Great zooks! I have heard of snowstorms being pretty bad in other states. Even in Wisconsin today, we have had some snow fall and slippery roads but not a snowstorm today. If you drive, even though the roads and streets may be good for you, drive safely and carefully … like you always do. We have delays in our transit system as well as we have buses in our city running everyday and after 630 p til 10 or so every night M – Fri. Have a good day/night at work.

  2. Yup. We’re currently in the break between the storms right now. The roads here are good right now, but they weren’t this morning and they won’t be again this evening.

    I suppose a taxi is out of the question price wise. I take it that New Yorkers don’t do the Philly thing of leaving kitchen chairs and buckets and trash cans in their parking spaces to hold them…?

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