Jan 312011

rough month. and while it’s over…in about 1 hour and 45 minutes, on continues the dismal weather. more snow in the forecast.

have begun searching for another place to live. i’ve been here for about 4 years. it’s time to look for a place that’s in a little bit better condition and that has a door to the bedroom so that i can keep mr. tuxedo cat out. he’s taken up to urinating on the bed again. turning him in to the shelter would be a death sentence. i can’t do that. so, i need a freakin’ door. and more than one closet. and for the ceiling in the bathroom to be whole and intact. i’m sure i’ll find something in my price range eventually. i want to be out of here by spring.
Mom lost her sole remaining sibling this week. we were afraid to tell her. sis told her today. my Uncle was very ill, in and out of the hospital. i can’t imagine what it feels like to lose all of your brothers and sister…being the last one of your immediate family. there are 8 of us…i’m glad she has us.
have finally scheduled an eye exam for tomorrow. my eyes have gotten alot worse. can’t wait until i can see again. work will be so much better…when i don’t have to pour saline into my eyes just before a venipuncture or IV catheter placement. sucks not to see.
must go to sleep. didn’t get enough this past weekend due to all the apt renovations being done in the builing next doorl. drilling, hammering, etc are not conducive to good sleep before heading out to work for the night. so, off i go…

Jan 272011

so. i got to work fine yesterday. gave myself two and one half hours to get the car brushed clean of snow and the parking space shoveled so that i could get out. of course, there was a shark waiting for the spot. drove the speed limit as it was not snowing at the time. found an empty, snow free spot on a side street and ended up getting to work about an hour early so i sat in the car listening to some music. 15 minutes later, it starts to hail. so, i headed in to work so that the dayshift folk could get out of dodge before it got any worse outside….

then, overnight, the doc, the assitant and i watch as the snow falls heavy. unbelievable. it kept snowing up until about 3am. both did their best to shovel the front of our place of business and their cars as well. my car was a block around the corner…

the dayshift, superstars that they are, all arrived pretty much on time. some buses weren’t running, trains were delayed, but everyone who had to make it in, did. kudos to the day shift…you rock!

so. off i head to my car hoping and praying that they shoveled the street so that i could drive home. clearing side streets are low priority…it’s the main roads they clean first. sure enough, though, the road had been ploughed but my car was buried in about one and a half feet of snow plus what the plough pushed at its side. i don’t know how long it took me to clear my car and the space that surrounded it of snow, but somehow i did it, and was able to drive off. almost got stuck mid block because the idiots out in the morning with the sole purpose of digging out their cars (even though they weren’t going anywhere) were shoveling the snow out into the ploughed street.
for the life of me, i can’t understand why folks do this.

people of new york city: you can’t complain that your street wasn’t ploughed because when it is, you friggin’ throw the snow from off your cars and driveways out into the middle of it. IDIOTS!

so. in case you aren’t keeping count, i’ve removed snow from my car and shoveled out of parking spots twice now…this am, after a 12 hour overnight shift.

i drive too cautiously and too slow in bad driving conditions (eye roll here). this is why i don’t feel too sad when i see SUVs on their hoods or on their sides littering the shoulder. you deserve it tough asses. needless to say, the drive on the belt parkway was harrowing. EVERYONE and granny passed me, spewing dirty snow on my windshield. they passed on the left and right. going the speed limit in any state in this U S of A is just asking for trouble.

anyhow, so i finally turn off on the exit towards home and spend at least 40 minutes to 1 hour driving around looking for suitable parking. YEA RIGHT! again, the idiots are throwing snow in the middle of the road. again, i almost get stuck. again i curse the sky and wonder what i did wrong this time. by this time, i’m tired…hungry…and a little loopy due to lack of sleep. i eventually find a spot about 8 blocks away from my apt that doesn’t require an hours worth of shoveling…so off i go again with my trusty shovel and clear a parking spot for myself. i pull in and walk the 8 blocks home. stop off at the wonderful bagel place and get a bagel and coffee…because i damned well earned it and burned those calories at least 3 times over in the past 24 hours.

i got home at 12:15pm. i was up about 20 hours.

i took a couple of pics with the phone to document the madness that is snow in brooklyn. take a look:

my block and why i don’t park here. folks will leave their car buried here so they won’t lose the parking spot since alternate side will most likely be suspended for another few days.

again, why i don’t park here. this is not my car and i’m grateful for that!
this is snow that has been shoveled from the sidewalk onto the car. nice huh?!

ah, the beauty of snow 😐

Jan 262011

wins hands down. yet another snowstorm. the forecast shows snow for the rest of the week…

have to work tonight. debating on whether i should take the bus or drive. all the buses are delayed. the roads i need to travel on are, most likely, clean. i’d just have to drive slow (like i would anyway). i hate losing my parking spot but i really don’t want to be out in the cold waiting for buses that will most likely be late and crowded.

it’s been a crappy year so far for me. not much i can do but get through the day and move forward. even though it seems i’m moving inches…

Jan 212011

it’s snowing again. ah well. it IS winter. i’m glad i don’t have to work today. i should get some gas in the car though…
yesteday i received my orangehead’s ashes. sad all over again… lit a candle.
first time receiving ashes. when it’s my time, she’s coming with me.

trying to stay busy. work has been steadier than in the past few weeks. got two new sets of scrubs: one in navy blue and the other in green apple. green apple (more like lime green….if i wear those to work, i’ll be named the freakin’ green hornet, they are brutal with the teasing.) so. i’ll exchange the set with carribean blue. love the pants (lots of pockets and very comfortable).

this past monday, i went for a 3 mile run during the evening, just as the sky was turning dark. the promenade was beautiful at night with the snow, very little people running and the gorgeous Verranzano bridge all lit up. it was a nice easy stress relieving run. Tues i hit the gym for cardio and weight training. Weds i hit the gym for more cardio work (eliptical and rowing machine) and Thurs (yesterday) i went to dance class. i wasn’t going to go because i was feeling a little sad. even went to bed, after getting home from work, at 11:30am. i usually get up at 4:15pm to be out the door an hour later. i like to give myself enough time since the subway isn’t always trustworthy. class was full. i love it when there is a nice full class. got my first bloody toenail. haven’t had one of those in probably 25 years. i’m really glad i pushed myself to go. i’m starting to feel taller. so. i’ll head to the gym today for more cardio and weight training. will call ahead to make sure they are actually open. if they aren’t (on account of the snow), i’ll go for a run. i hope to carry this schedule of working out for at least a month. this should kick start my discipline, get me in shape quicker, and keep me busy.
tuxedo cat is sitting at the window, watching the winter wonderland happening AGAIN. he just got a pinch of catnip. funny to watch him. he goes a little nutty and begins to chase his own tail as if it didn’t belong to him. he puts a smile on my face.
Broken Bells is up for a grammy for best alternative album. good for them. don’t really watch the grammies. not interested in the mainly mainstream’s listening habits.
almost time to get myself together for the gym and other errands i want to run today.