Dec 312010

so, i managed to get new year’s day off. very very happy about that. i’ve been thinking about resolutions. i tried make the lottery for the half marathon in manhattan but didn’t get in. there are 2 other options that i’m looking at.

i’ve already signed up for a modern dance class workshop (6 classes) at Mark Morris Dance School here in downtown brooklyn. so, this takes care of my wanting to get re-involved with the arts. first class is 1/6.

next? i really really really want to travel to europe, particularly Italy. mostly for the sunshine, food and especially for the art…Bernini’s art in particular. i want to see the old world. so, i’ll have to devise a way to fool myself into squirreling $$ away. hopefully, by the following spring, i’ll find myself on a plane headed to Florence.

i’ve already signed up (when the tragedy in Haiti hit) to give to charity, so a monthly donation is taken out of my bank account and goes to Doctor’s Without Borders. people need to be healthy before they can help themselves.

what i want to work on is giving some of my time to charity. so…i’ll look here in brooklyn for groups that need weekly volunteers.

need to work on the wiring in my head. i tend to go towards the negative lately. i’m running ragged taking care of orangehead. 7-8 different meds twice daily, making sure she eats and poops and pees and keeping a close eye on her breathing…means not being able to spend the time i want to with Mom. i have to make it short visits and i can’t ever stay overnight. i could get a pet sitter, but i just can’t trust anyone with making sure she gets her meds. her life depends on those meds and she’s beginning to get fussy about taking her pills. the entire affair is emotionally draining. i can’t do much more for her accept take her in so that they find more stuff wrong with her. at this point, i just don’t want to know.
so. i’ve been taking things one day at a time. what else can i do? i’ve prepared myself as best as i can. i listen to ALOT of music, because it’s the only thing that brings contentment these days.


i’ll be heading to Mom’s this afternoon and bringing in the New Year with her. then i’ll have to head back here so that orangehead’s meds aren’t too off timewise. hopefully, i’ll be able to get my car inspection done this AM. will head for the shower in a few and call the gas station that did it last year. funny thing. when i got out of work yesterday morning (thurs morn)…i ended up parking where i had shoveled on Monday morning. how is that for luck?! pretty cool. hopefully, i’ll be able to find parking after the inspection, but whatever, as long as i don’t have to be anywhere anytime soon, i don’t mind driving around until i find a spot.

another year gone. this one was a tough one. here’s hoping 2011 is a kinder one. be safe out there.


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  1. Hi Franny, HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope 2011 is a better year for you and also that you accomplish all your goals, Be careful on your drive up to visit your Mom although I think road conditions are getting better up there at least i hope they are. Be good next year will be better


  2. My best wishes for the New Year to you and yours.

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