Dec 282010

two goals today:

1. buy winter boots. i got through sunday night wearing clogs…(not a good choice for a winter storm) and monday morning switched to my work shoes: a pair of Avia running shoes (a somewhat better choice, but still not as good as actual boots)

2. get cat food. because they don’t care that the snow drifts are 5 ft in some places. they want their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between snacks. that’s a cat for you. unforgiving and demanding. but what would i do without all of the attitude???

i’m surprisingly not that sore after all the shoveling i’ve done in the past 36 hours. i MUST be in shape, even though i don’t feel like i am. i shoveled a parking spot (drove around for about 1 hour looking for the lowest snow drifts) and finally decided on a spot along shore road and 88th street. tomorrow night will test my driving skills again as i have to head back to work. somehow, i have to manage to get my car inspection done before Jan 2011… why oh why did i wait for the last minute??????????????

it’ll be interesting to head back out today. i was up from sunday evening 5pm until Monday 2pm. got back up Monday night around 8pm and then fell asleep again until 4am Tues (today). i’m wodering if the abandoned car stuck at the intersection is still there. there is noway to drive on any of the side streets at they have at least 2 feet of snow. despite the scary drive into work sunday night, it kind of worked to my advantage because my car isn’t stuck on some side street waiting for the plows to do their job. i have mobility. i had the option to find parking along major driving arteries in my neighborhood, so i’ll be able to get in and out.

a few things i love about this snowstorm:
-it forces people to walk and get exercise
-it encourages people to get out and spend time with their kids and pets
-it brings out the daredevils (skiers, snowshoers, snowboarders, sledders, and folks who bring levity to the chaos)
-it brings out the good samaritans in full force

heck, i may go running today…we’ll see, i’ll bering my cellphone and take pictures.


RIP Teena Marie…she rocked it…and never really got the mainstream respect she deserved. pure talent, awesome voice that could still belt them out, check out her stint on The View. love her music. square biz was a favorite. you can’t NOT dance to that song

  2 Responses to “6am”

  1. It’s nice to hear an eye witness account of what’s GOOD about the snow in your area.

    Seems like all the news people can do is run frantically around looking for someone to blame for things not being freaking perfect in the middle of a snowstorm.


    Forge ahead!

  2. Please tell me you didn’t really go running today….

    We didn’t get the amount of snow you did, but we still got enough. Sunday was a great day to stay inside by the fire, so we did.

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