Dec 272010

in what is looking to be the worst winter snowfall in nyc in 6 decades…see how she swerves and fishtails and gets stuck at the exit leading to her workplace. she how her car manages to get stuck on the median between traffic going east vs. west. watch how she whips out her shovel and gets herself free. watch how she eases back and forth to finally get off the median.

see her (along with the other supremely stupid asses who went in to work) pull her weight, prove her loyalty, brazenly show her good work ethic…even if it may have caused her injury or damaged car…

holy crap.
i will never EVER drive in that kind of weather EVER again.


  One Response to “see franny drive…”

  1. As i watched the news coverage i thought of you and wondered how you were making out with all the snow i guess i know now, We got that same amount of snow last February and i imaging it is twice as bad in the big city as it was here I hope you are safe and warm now be careful.


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