Dec 252010

today. i go back…or maybe, begin to look again for that little bit of dancer left inside of me. i know she’s still there, but very very neglected. i used to love going to the studio and just moving, no music. just break the silence of the space with my breath and limbs cutting through the air.

i’ve missed that. it is somewhat similar to the feeling of doing a long run early morning when the world is still asleep. quiet. still. no noise except for sneakers tip tapping on the pavement. being present in the now.

the new year begins with taking dance class.

to get in shape?
to better my posture?
to become more flexible?

sure. but mainly to revive the creative in me, to remind myself that these are where my roots lay. i need art in my life. this is where i’m most comfortable…enmeshing myself in the world of dance.

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  1. A very nice Christmas present to yourself. Have a good day, Franny girl.

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