Nov 272010

drove back from Mom’s early Fri morning…got home about 3 am, my car got punched by a homeless man while i was stopped at a red light at the exit off the brooklyn bridge heading to 278 towards the verrazano.

1. i felt bad for him
2. then, i hoped he broke his hand.

just got finished watching It Might Get Loud featuring The Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page. all i can say is that listening to these 3 guys play guitar was sexy…. hot sexy.

i really need to get more blues on my iPod.
and some White Stripes.

i have some Raconteurs music though, but i really need some newbie Jack White stuff.

and maybe some John Lee Hooker.
anyhow. it’s about 2:13am and i’m listening to Baba O’Riley, and thinking how hard it is to find some really really great music. way back in the day, you could buy an album and fall in love with ALL of the tracks. nowadays, you’re downloading one song from here and there. there is a rarity in artists putting out albums where it is worth buying the entire album. it’s tough to find a Ziggy Stardust or say Dark Side of the Moon… today, you don’t get your money’s worth…

here and there, i find gems. whole albums that i’m happy to own. some as suggestions by a fellow co-worker…so, i ask you, dear reader, what are you listening to?????????????

last vinyl bought:
the Who’s Quardrophenia (classic)
last whole album downloaded from iTunes – Local Natives – Gorilla Manor
last single downloaded from iTunes – Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday
currently listening to: Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love…

Nov 252010

with the turkeys this AM. ran a 5 miler (turkey trot) to benefit the local high school track team. lots of folks out this morning, even saw a mixed breed dog with a race bib! it was cold but a good racing day. i think i did a lot better than i expected considering i haven’t run since the end of sept. my legs held out pretty well. the goal for me today was to finish strong and run the entire way. race results aren’t posted yet…

we all got medals, there were bagels, oranges, apples, water, and hot chocolate! NICE. we also received arm warmers with our race bibs. overall a pleasant experience. one of my co-workers also ran, i saw him but couldn’t catch up without having to sprint.

will feed the cats again, pill my beautiful orangehead, shower, dress and head to Mom’s. i’ve got great Italian Cookies and bread (if you all are ever in brooklyn, for goodness sake…don’t leave without Italian cookies and/or bread).
okay, my spirits have risen and i know it is because i was active…must stay active, must stay active!!!!!!

have a great holiday!!

Nov 242010

“drudging slowly over wet sand, back to the bench where your clothes were stolen…”


another holiday approaches. and the dread slowly seeps in. the pressure to be excited. to be happy and glowy and smiley…

it is not me.

i am not that.

deep down inside, we all know that what the various media sells us is bullshit.
there really aren’t any coolwhip moments… times are tough. why can’t we invest in that reality then say, the crap that is jersey shore or real housewives etc?

i’ll be heading to work soon for a short day. then it’s off for the holiday and black friday. all i want is peace and quiet. i just want to listen to music, watch old buffy episodes and brood or sleep. but, i’ll be enmeshed in family this holiday. and tons of food. and noise. i’ll spend a few hours at my Mom’s but, this time, i don’t plan on staying until late night. i want some time to myself.

Nov 182010

so i had an entry all written up and ready to go when BAM! it was gone. my fault. i pressed the wrong button. ah well, so it goes.

will be running the trot with all of the other turkeys this coming thursday, thanksgiving day (5 miler). money goes to benefit the local high school.

will be picking up my bro and my nephew this coming tuesday. hopefully, it’ll go alot more smoothe than the previous airport pickup. will steer clear of any sort of airtrain thingy…

life goes on. i hate the holidays. i’m worried about my orangehead and Mom. and that’s the way it is.

orangehead is getting slower, her haircoat is a lot duller, but her breathing is okay. the meds are helping her heart, but most likely, killing her kidneys. there is always a trade off. Mom is (i hope) getting over some sort of infection. her legs were swollen and red. she’s happy though. the family will all be together for thanksgiving, all 8 of us with spouses and children. it’ll be mayhem in the kitchen. i will have to steer clear of politics…i’m surrounded by freakin’ republicans…go figure…
time to head out to the gym.
current views and reads:
Up in the Air
A Single Man – i love Colin Firth
It Might Get Loud – history about the electric guitar
Michelangelo Revealed – about his creations for the church

The Dead and the Gone – Susan Beth Pfeffer
This World We Live In – Susan Beth Pfeffer
Dreamweaver’s Dilemma – Lois McMaster Bujold (because Salamander piqued my interest)

currently listening to:
High Violet – the National
old school Prince (because he is awesome)


Nov 162010

why is it okay for fellow employees who smoke to ask me to cover their work (reception work) while they take a cigarette break, but for me (a non-smoker) not to have the option to ask them to cover my work (nursing duties) while i take a break?

if they can’t watch patients, do treatments, etc…why the hell should i have to answer the phone or take a payment?

these are the same fucks who complain about “healthcare”… when, in fact, they are part of the reason (greed is also to blame) why premiums have been steadily increased throughout the years…and if anyone thinks this is President’s Obama’s fault, they need a serious wake up call.

folks here in the good ole’ USA, eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, drive too fast, and stress out too much. you think that perhaps THIS IS WHY healthcare is so expensive and car insurance is so expensive?????????

nah, blame it on Obama.