Aug 312010

summer went fast.
it was hot as hell, cooled off for a few days, hot again, and now, tomorrow begins sept. another year almost over.

again, i ask…what is the point?
still resting my leg/butt. did cross train last night at the gym, did the required 4 miles but on the eliptical trainer. today? have to run 3 miles…we’ll see how i feel tonight. i’m going to try and run it on the track.

tomorrow, i’ll have to run 6 miles. we’ll see if i can. been stretching and icing and using my tennis ball to massage.
finished reading the latest Charlaine Harris book “Dead in the Family”. it was pretty awful. watched the latest episode of True Blood yesterday morning after getting home from work and manoman. this show just keeps getting better and better. looking forward to the fall season:
Vampire Diaries
Being Erica

i’ll be a year older soon. at this point…i really could care less. gravity and time rule the show.

looking forward to the National concert i’ll be attending on 9/24.
go to the library to return and check out stuff
plan on where and when i’ll be purchasing a new pair of running sneaks…
really try to eat better.
figure out why every year the same time, my kitchen is deluged with gnats.
extricate the cd from my car cd player (the pliers i had didn’t reach)


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