Aug 272010


on my way to running a 13 miler this afternoon and ran about one block and my right foot hit a hole… of course, i was busy trying to run across the street too fast since there was a car coming up to the corner…

can’t stand impatient car drivers. unfortunately, this messed my already injured piriformis. debated whether to continue. not sure why. it was a no brainer to stop and call it a day. i did that after one lap around the track.

walked home, iced my butt. took a nap on the couch. got up, and it is still hurting so, i will have to take the 13 miler as a loss. took 2 aspirin and back to icing my butt. i’ll have to bring an ice pack to work.

haven’t figured out how i’m suppose to compress the injured area as it is deep inside my right buttock, but i guess i can throw on my really super tight bike shorts. have to also cut down on how much sitting i do.
so, it’s dinner, some music listening, some research on how to get a stuck cd out of my car cd player (i’m thinking hemostat at this point)…and some book reading (the latest Sookie Stackhouse: Dead in the Family, which is some seriously horrible writing but i want to know what will happen with these characters that i’m stuck reading this crap). to balance this out, i’ve pulled out my well worn pocket copy (as in stuart little sized) of Rilke’s Duino Elegies. God. i love it…

still hooked on The National (i’ll be going to a concert in late Sept.) and still exploring the Local Natives debut album Gorilla Manor. what an awesome sound they have. makes me REALLY want to learn how to play the drums.
time to make some dinner. baby spinach, roma tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and penne pasta… with half a sesame bagel.

  2 Responses to “R.I.C.E….”

  1. wow. that IS traumatic. i’ll try the needle nose pliers. thanks for the tip. ps. my car is automatic. 🙂

  2. As to the CD, needle nosed pliers work well….

    That brought back a traumatic moment in my past actually. I got a CD stuck in the player in my classic car and tried to stick my finger in to fish it out while driving down the road. End result was that I got my right index finger stuck in the CD shute while going 45 mph down the road in a stick shift *rolls eyes*. Let’s just say that nobody was hurt in the making of that film but it was pretty hairy for a few moments when I came to a red light.

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