Aug 252010

in weekly mileage. was supposed to run a 6 miler today, but couldn’t fit it in. not feeling too good, we’ve had a cooling down for the past few days, and i may be coming down with a cold. family stuff was more important today. will most likely, run a 6 miler tomorrow and then run the rquired 13 miler on fri and on my cross train day (sat), i’ll run the 3 miles. but, at this point, if i continue to feel sick, i may just blow off the rest of the week. what is the point of pushing my body when it feels bad? the goal of building mileage is to make your body stronger and faster. running sick would defeat this purpose.

in family news, (for those of you who know what’s going on) there will be no cutting unless there is a rupture. age has lots to do with it. really got a great vibe from the hospital and the doctor. no bullshit, brutally honest.

so, we move forward. i’m somewhat relieved.

recently got turned on to The National. purchased High Violet, but still hooked on the Boxer album. Terrible Love is a real heartbreaker of a song, as is Sorrow. also, got turned on to a band from Cali…Local Natives. very unique sound, great harmonies, great drumming (can’t stop listening to Wide Eyes), will most likely, purchase their 1 and only album (Gorilla Manor)

all i can say is that these days, i feel like an adult. i’m feeling my age…
today is the first time in a long while, that i’ve ridden on the subway. i got hit by a few bags and an umbrella. clueless, self-absorbed people. oh, how i don’t miss it. another reason to love my job…i can drive to it. and there’s no alternate parking. and there is always parking available that isn’t 20 blocks away…
did see the most gorgeous guys though. 3 of them, i could tell 2 were brothers. they were clearly tourists from another country, i think Germany…anyhow, manoman. drop-dead gorgeous.
miss that part of riding the subway.

i may be getting older, but i’m not dead.

so, early tomorrow, i’ll head up North to visit Mom and sis and take them out to breakfast. sis has been running ragged making calls, getting doctor info together, making appts for Mom…plus, her B-day was last week. i’ll run my 6 miles up there and head back here earlier than i tend to (i usually head back after 1am to avoid crazy traffic) so that i can rest up for the 13 miler.
it is now 12am…time for bed.

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  1. Good to hear about the family news.

    I’ve recently started paying serious attention to Vampire Weekend, and I’ve rediscovered Apocolyptica. I’m pretty much going through a dry musical period though – there’s nothing new out there grabbing my interest.

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