Aug 212010

ran a 5K this am and shaved 1 1/2 minutes off my pace from the last race i ran back in july. i ran the required 12 miles yesterday, but i got a late start and ended up running in the afternoon. it was extremely hot, but the first 5 1/2 miles were okay. luckily, i happened by a branch of the gym i belong to and decided to take it indoors for a few miles, so i ran 4 miles on the treadmill, filled my water bottle, and then headed back home to finish up the last 2 miles. my legs were sore. i iced my knees. ate well. showered. ran some errands, and headed to bed with the latest Sookie Stackhouse book (Dead in the Family). slept on and off for a few hours and then got up about 4:30am to get ready for this mornings race. i was a little worried that i wouldn’t be able to do well since my legs were sore and tired. i massaged my legs, iced them, (must remember to dig out my rolling pin), made sure i was well hydrated and i’m pretty happy with today’s results. i ran a good, strong race. hooked up with a guy who was running at my pace and was wearing those new (barefoot running) shoes thingys. i asked him, while we were running, how they were to run in and he said they were good. we ended up pushing eachother to the finish line. i shook his hand when we crossed. he was a cutie…should have gotten at least a name. ah well.

i needed to run a good race for encouragement. today was a good day. makes me wonder if it’d be good to have a running buddy….i like the solitude of running…i’m not a talker. i’m a thinker, but it’s nice to have that push when you need it.

2 more minutes and i’ll be heading to bed. i work tonight.


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  1. You just might see him at a future race. Good incentive to keep up the pace!

    Congrats on a good time (in all senses of the term).

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