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Aug 312010

summer went fast.
it was hot as hell, cooled off for a few days, hot again, and now, tomorrow begins sept. another year almost over.

again, i ask…what is the point?
still resting my leg/butt. did cross train last night at the gym, did the required 4 miles but on the eliptical trainer. today? have to run 3 miles…we’ll see how i feel tonight. i’m going to try and run it on the track.

tomorrow, i’ll have to run 6 miles. we’ll see if i can. been stretching and icing and using my tennis ball to massage.
finished reading the latest Charlaine Harris book “Dead in the Family”. it was pretty awful. watched the latest episode of True Blood yesterday morning after getting home from work and manoman. this show just keeps getting better and better. looking forward to the fall season:
Vampire Diaries
Being Erica

i’ll be a year older soon. at this point…i really could care less. gravity and time rule the show.

looking forward to the National concert i’ll be attending on 9/24.
go to the library to return and check out stuff
plan on where and when i’ll be purchasing a new pair of running sneaks…
really try to eat better.
figure out why every year the same time, my kitchen is deluged with gnats.
extricate the cd from my car cd player (the pliers i had didn’t reach)


Aug 272010


on my way to running a 13 miler this afternoon and ran about one block and my right foot hit a hole… of course, i was busy trying to run across the street too fast since there was a car coming up to the corner…

can’t stand impatient car drivers. unfortunately, this messed my already injured piriformis. debated whether to continue. not sure why. it was a no brainer to stop and call it a day. i did that after one lap around the track.

walked home, iced my butt. took a nap on the couch. got up, and it is still hurting so, i will have to take the 13 miler as a loss. took 2 aspirin and back to icing my butt. i’ll have to bring an ice pack to work.

haven’t figured out how i’m suppose to compress the injured area as it is deep inside my right buttock, but i guess i can throw on my really super tight bike shorts. have to also cut down on how much sitting i do.
so, it’s dinner, some music listening, some research on how to get a stuck cd out of my car cd player (i’m thinking hemostat at this point)…and some book reading (the latest Sookie Stackhouse: Dead in the Family, which is some seriously horrible writing but i want to know what will happen with these characters that i’m stuck reading this crap). to balance this out, i’ve pulled out my well worn pocket copy (as in stuart little sized) of Rilke’s Duino Elegies. God. i love it…

still hooked on The National (i’ll be going to a concert in late Sept.) and still exploring the Local Natives debut album Gorilla Manor. what an awesome sound they have. makes me REALLY want to learn how to play the drums.
time to make some dinner. baby spinach, roma tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and penne pasta… with half a sesame bagel.

Aug 252010

in weekly mileage. was supposed to run a 6 miler today, but couldn’t fit it in. not feeling too good, we’ve had a cooling down for the past few days, and i may be coming down with a cold. family stuff was more important today. will most likely, run a 6 miler tomorrow and then run the rquired 13 miler on fri and on my cross train day (sat), i’ll run the 3 miles. but, at this point, if i continue to feel sick, i may just blow off the rest of the week. what is the point of pushing my body when it feels bad? the goal of building mileage is to make your body stronger and faster. running sick would defeat this purpose.

in family news, (for those of you who know what’s going on) there will be no cutting unless there is a rupture. age has lots to do with it. really got a great vibe from the hospital and the doctor. no bullshit, brutally honest.

so, we move forward. i’m somewhat relieved.

recently got turned on to The National. purchased High Violet, but still hooked on the Boxer album. Terrible Love is a real heartbreaker of a song, as is Sorrow. also, got turned on to a band from Cali…Local Natives. very unique sound, great harmonies, great drumming (can’t stop listening to Wide Eyes), will most likely, purchase their 1 and only album (Gorilla Manor)

all i can say is that these days, i feel like an adult. i’m feeling my age…
today is the first time in a long while, that i’ve ridden on the subway. i got hit by a few bags and an umbrella. clueless, self-absorbed people. oh, how i don’t miss it. another reason to love my job…i can drive to it. and there’s no alternate parking. and there is always parking available that isn’t 20 blocks away…
did see the most gorgeous guys though. 3 of them, i could tell 2 were brothers. they were clearly tourists from another country, i think Germany…anyhow, manoman. drop-dead gorgeous.
miss that part of riding the subway.

i may be getting older, but i’m not dead.

so, early tomorrow, i’ll head up North to visit Mom and sis and take them out to breakfast. sis has been running ragged making calls, getting doctor info together, making appts for Mom…plus, her B-day was last week. i’ll run my 6 miles up there and head back here earlier than i tend to (i usually head back after 1am to avoid crazy traffic) so that i can rest up for the 13 miler.
it is now 12am…time for bed.

Aug 212010

ran a 5K this am and shaved 1 1/2 minutes off my pace from the last race i ran back in july. i ran the required 12 miles yesterday, but i got a late start and ended up running in the afternoon. it was extremely hot, but the first 5 1/2 miles were okay. luckily, i happened by a branch of the gym i belong to and decided to take it indoors for a few miles, so i ran 4 miles on the treadmill, filled my water bottle, and then headed back home to finish up the last 2 miles. my legs were sore. i iced my knees. ate well. showered. ran some errands, and headed to bed with the latest Sookie Stackhouse book (Dead in the Family). slept on and off for a few hours and then got up about 4:30am to get ready for this mornings race. i was a little worried that i wouldn’t be able to do well since my legs were sore and tired. i massaged my legs, iced them, (must remember to dig out my rolling pin), made sure i was well hydrated and i’m pretty happy with today’s results. i ran a good, strong race. hooked up with a guy who was running at my pace and was wearing those new (barefoot running) shoes thingys. i asked him, while we were running, how they were to run in and he said they were good. we ended up pushing eachother to the finish line. i shook his hand when we crossed. he was a cutie…should have gotten at least a name. ah well.

i needed to run a good race for encouragement. today was a good day. makes me wonder if it’d be good to have a running buddy….i like the solitude of running…i’m not a talker. i’m a thinker, but it’s nice to have that push when you need it.

2 more minutes and i’ll be heading to bed. i work tonight.


Aug 192010

humans are either incredibly stupid or incredibly brave. life is proving to be difficult and still we are persistent in getting through the day, the week, the month, the years. along the way we win and we lose.

i am on the edge despite knowing that nothing stays the same and that eventually, nature, God, what have you…takes back what is given. it’s tough to reconcile this and get through a busy work day where your feet ache or tackle well overdue chores at home, or run the required 16 miler on your training schedule.

sometimes, i think we’ve gone too far having to multi-task our emotions. this is where the pint of ben &jerrys for breakfast comes in, or that cigarette you haven’t had in 7 years, or the 9th beer, or that little toke, or that medium sized pizza, or that late night booty-call…

i’m a little run down. it’s 11:48PM. i’ve slept about 10 hours today. i just finished having dinner. i’m required to run 12 miles tomorrow. i ate a pint of ben & jerrys for breakfast. i’m drowning myself in The National songs.

next week i and my eldest brother will go with Mom to the doctor so that they can figure out how to deal with the brain aneurysm she has.

it takes an ocean not to break…
national lyrics from Terrible Love