Jul 272010

my ass…

letter sent to HP

Hello Sir:
I purchased a Compaq Presario F762NR Notebook PC in June 2008 from my local Staples here in Brooklyn NY. I purchased a 2 year warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Last week, the laptop would not turn on with/without the battery. I called the helpdesk and paid $49.99 for tech support. Bottom line, after being talked into taking panels off and replacing from the back of the computer, I was told that it was a motherboard problem and that it’d be cheaper to buy another laptop. The Staples warranty expired in June of 2010 so, I even missed out on getting it fixed with no extra charges at the store.

I have to almost laugh, almost because I am still angry the laptop crapped out after only having it for 2 years… I suggest you change the written logo “Built to Last”, because it is false, untrue, and, well, I’ll remain civil…

Needless to say, I now have to pay for data recovery since I had lots of family photos and music on that laptop. I will say, I bought a Gateway laptop. I still have my Gateway desktop and it still works after 9 years (just need a new OS). I had a great experience with Gateway and will continue to support them. HP…not so much.
thank you
frances (to you!)
NOT a satisfied customer

  2 Responses to “built to last…”

  1. Go get ’em, tiger!

    I bought an Acer PC in January of last year and it bit the dust last month BUT it was an OS problem (windows vista which is notoriously unstable). I’ve had to restrain myself from just hitting it with a hammer and calling it good.

  2. Remind me to NEVER cross you!

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