Jul 202010

on the school track of good and evil. ran a decent 3 miler. plopped in the middle were a bunch of teenagers smoking weed. to be young and stupid. 😉

yesterday, i decided to try a suppl to help my joints, because it’s never a good sign when you find yourself trotting along to the clicking noises your right knee is making with every stride. the crunching sound while going up the stairs is also kind of sad and worrisome. SOOO… i did a little reading and am trying Joint Juice. i hate taking pills. if i did decide to take pills, i’d be required to take at least two and sometimes 3 per day. i can’t even take a multivitamin…i’m not a pill taker, that is, unless it is for really bad bad knock-your-head-against-the-wall mentrual cramps. then, i take them.

i tried my first little bottle after my late night run. had a little bit of a medicine aftertaste, but overall, was not so bad. i only bought 6 little bottles. i’ll see how i feel after.

today i’m scheduled to run another 3 miler and then it’s a 4 miler on weds. i feel a bit more fit, my legs are beginning to look like runner’s legs. still working on my core. doing 3 sets of 60 crunches after each run and on my days i weight train. i’ll head to the gym this noon, do some weight training and then save my run for later tonight…8-9pm. trying to run on the track and stay away from the treadmill, but this weather is really awful. too hot.

headed to the library today. was going to head to the theatre to see eclipse but heck, i’ll wait for the dvd. i’d rather watch it alone, in quiet, without the stale popcorn. 😉

recent iTunes purchase:
the Killers – Can You Read My Mind – love the video.

trying to decide whether to purchase another iPod, a couple of steps above the shuffle. i usually like the no muss no fuss stuff. don’t need to watch fucken tv or videos, just want good music. i want to have an iPod specifically set up with running tunes. have to work on a playlist.

work is moving right along. hopefully, it’ll be a little bit busier.

***two thumbs up to sarah palin for having the nerve to compare herself to the Bard. what a fucken idiot that woman is…***


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