Jul 172010

ever since i moved back to ny and started running road races. it was extremely hot. not sure why they didn’t schedule the race to start earlier than 9am. i usually (if i run in the morning) am out the door by 5:30am. it’s too damned hot to run at 9 or 10am. i had it in my head though, that i’d run at a slow pace because i’m a sweater. i sweat buckets. i had plenty to drink about 1 hour before the race and drank at every other water station. but my body wanted to go slow and i didn’t want to push it for fear i’d injure myself. i’ve been having some pain for a long while now but with icing and working on my posture and gait, it’s manageable. also, i ran a brutal 7 miler yesterday at the gym. i’ve incorporated short walking breaks into my runs. still am unsure if i’ll be able to run the marathon. i’ll keep going, following the schedule and see how i feel come sept.

it’s tough trying to fit a running schedule in with an overnight work schedule. i feel that my body runs better at 10:30pm. i ran a 5 miler earlier this week late at night and i found the “zone” quickly. my legs felt good running…

this mornings race, all around me there were folks struggling. one lady stopped and was coughing and then vomiting. i stopped to help her… not a good day to run hard or work on speed or try to run a personal best. especially if you haven’t been training to run in this type of heat to begin with. that’s why i took it really slow. will run another road race in August and then that’s it for me…

it’ll be just training.
almost 5pm. one more hour before i begin getting ready for work. hopefully, tonight won’t be a repeat of last week. it was busy and i’m working with an assistant that has zero experience in the field. tough, when you have emergencies coming in and your coworker doesn’t know their ass from their elbow and it’s only you, them and the doctor. sucks. i hope this changes in the future.
finally watched An Education. nice little flick. still haven’t gotten to Little Dorrit. i keep falling asleep! and heck, if i need sleep, i sleep.

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  1. It’s a miracle you can run at all in this heat. Just take care you don’t overdo, kiddo.

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