Jul 142010

it’s 8:19am
i’ve got my new boy shorts on
dancing to
the B’s own private idaho.

music keeps you young
oohhh oohh oohh…

here’s another favorite of mine…you know they have more great songs besides Rock Lobster…

  3 Responses to “idaho…”

  1. i don’t think it’s about the state of Idaho, more than a state of being…isolated, paranoid, etc…does use a sort of twilight zone’ish music in parts of the song. also, i guess you could check out the movie of the same title with River Phoenix… i don’t think the band has ever explained the meaning. their music is sort of take it as it is, and bye golly, it is fresh and fun and unique. good dancing around in your underwear music. 🙂

  2. Haaaa! I really have never understood what this song means. Living in Idaho, this is the only part that makes sense to me 😛

    Living in your own Private Idaho

    Underground like a wild potato

    Definitly a fun song tho!

  3. I think I’ve gotten to the age where music makes me wonder where the time went.

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