Jul 102010

and i can’t say that i’m disappointed. tired of the heat. the sweat. the ac on. used to be a fan of summer. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve grown less in love with summer. i do love summer nights. and i’ve gone for a couple night runs along the path by the hudson, actually, not really sure if it’s still the hudson…i’ll have to check that out. anyhow, the bridge is gorgeously lit up and both times i’ve run, the sky was clear and the moon was shining.

got up early yesterday (4:50am) to go for a 5 miler. went okay. today, i got up early to get to the gym and get a 5k in at the gym, but i do hate treadmill running. it is deceiving. road running doesn’t have the ground moving for you. nonetheless, i was up early, but not early enough to avoid the uncomfortable heat and crowds down at the path. too many walkers and many of them don’t know that you should walk on the right. i spend way to much time and energy running around them. this hurts my knees. so, the treadmill it was. walked hills for 10 minutes as well.
i should be sleeping. got in at least 3 hours, plus whatever i slept last night, but it’ll be a rough night at work tonight. at least i’ll be tired enough sunday morning that when i get home, i’ll be in bed by 10am and sleep until 6pm for my next shift.

trying to come up with a summer mini vacation destination. can’t go too far for too long…may be only a day trip due to the fact that i can’t leave heart disease kitty alone too long. she needs her meds. may end up driving out to Jones Beach, or maybe even farther. who knows. i think i’ll skip Coney Island. it’s way to freaky for me…and crowded.
having dreams about exes again. not sure why. i seriously think that these guys are truly in a fucked up situation and sending signals out. it’s funny how the fates are. the only one i wouldn’t mind hearing from, has never contacted me. ah well, so it goes.
finally saw:
Avatar – it was okay but Hurt Locker deserved to win
Lovely Bones – i enjoyed the book more

on qeue is: An Educaton – i like Peter Sarsgaard
Little Dorrit vol. 3 and 4 – because like i said before, there is that beautiful man eye-candy…

currently listening to tracks off of Synchronicity. a good album. my cassette tape was confiscated by my brother. never saw it again. i should just break down and buy the cd. there really isn’t a bad song…they don’t make albums with more than 1 good song anymore. hence the popularity of iTunes.
it’s grey out there. let it rain. come on. rain.

(now i’m listening to the Eurythmics: Here Comes the Rain Again…)

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  1. I’m just discovering iTunes. I’d been getting my music from Amazon and a friend pointed out that if your comp crashes iTunes keeps a history and you can retrieve it in case you hadn’t downloaded to your mp3. I was intrigued so I thought I’d check it out and my comp crashed the next day *groans*. Have I ever mentioned that I detest(ed) Windows Vista *laffs*. Now that my new laptop is up and running it’s time to get rockin’ again.

    Enjoy the cool down! I know that I am 😉

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