Jul 082010

wacky. monday’s act of only sleeping 30 minutes after a 12 hour shift, then driving up north (2 hours) to visit my bro who is in town from SC, has totally screwed me up. tues, i didn’t have a chance to catch up since we had plans to visit the Intrepid Museum… and then it was work on weds from 8pm-8am after being up since 12 noon (weds)… my body has gone haywire.

got up today, thurs, at about 3pm. ran errands and made it home by 6ish only to fall asleep and get up at 10:30pm. i had planned to either head to the gym or go for a run after the sun went down…

i’m up and feeling very tired and achy. have to get back on schedule. have to if i want to start following a training schedule that technically began on 7/4. i’m 3 days of milleage behind already.

i probably still could get a run in since this IS nyc and there are always people out and about around here (there are lots of bars and restaurants in my neighborhood)…OR i could just get my ass up at 5am and go for a run before the sun comes up, then drive north for another visit.

that means i should head to bed again.

my diet has taken a turn for the worse…who wants to cook in this heat though?

tomorrow. i’ll get back in gear tomorrow. my body wants what it wants, and this week, it wants sleep. so i’ll give it sleep.


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  1. My appetite is waiting for Jersey tomatoes and Jersey corn. My exercise regimen (such as it is) awaits temperatures conducive to human life.

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