Jul 272010

my ass…

letter sent to HP

Hello Sir:
I purchased a Compaq Presario F762NR Notebook PC in June 2008 from my local Staples here in Brooklyn NY. I purchased a 2 year warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Last week, the laptop would not turn on with/without the battery. I called the helpdesk and paid $49.99 for tech support. Bottom line, after being talked into taking panels off and replacing from the back of the computer, I was told that it was a motherboard problem and that it’d be cheaper to buy another laptop. The Staples warranty expired in June of 2010 so, I even missed out on getting it fixed with no extra charges at the store.

I have to almost laugh, almost because I am still angry the laptop crapped out after only having it for 2 years… I suggest you change the written logo “Built to Last”, because it is false, untrue, and, well, I’ll remain civil…

Needless to say, I now have to pay for data recovery since I had lots of family photos and music on that laptop. I will say, I bought a Gateway laptop. I still have my Gateway desktop and it still works after 9 years (just need a new OS). I had a great experience with Gateway and will continue to support them. HP…not so much.
thank you
frances (to you!)
NOT a satisfied customer

midnight run…

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Jul 202010

on the school track of good and evil. ran a decent 3 miler. plopped in the middle were a bunch of teenagers smoking weed. to be young and stupid. 😉

yesterday, i decided to try a suppl to help my joints, because it’s never a good sign when you find yourself trotting along to the clicking noises your right knee is making with every stride. the crunching sound while going up the stairs is also kind of sad and worrisome. SOOO… i did a little reading and am trying Joint Juice. i hate taking pills. if i did decide to take pills, i’d be required to take at least two and sometimes 3 per day. i can’t even take a multivitamin…i’m not a pill taker, that is, unless it is for really bad bad knock-your-head-against-the-wall mentrual cramps. then, i take them.

i tried my first little bottle after my late night run. had a little bit of a medicine aftertaste, but overall, was not so bad. i only bought 6 little bottles. i’ll see how i feel after.

today i’m scheduled to run another 3 miler and then it’s a 4 miler on weds. i feel a bit more fit, my legs are beginning to look like runner’s legs. still working on my core. doing 3 sets of 60 crunches after each run and on my days i weight train. i’ll head to the gym this noon, do some weight training and then save my run for later tonight…8-9pm. trying to run on the track and stay away from the treadmill, but this weather is really awful. too hot.

headed to the library today. was going to head to the theatre to see eclipse but heck, i’ll wait for the dvd. i’d rather watch it alone, in quiet, without the stale popcorn. 😉

recent iTunes purchase:
the Killers – Can You Read My Mind – love the video.

trying to decide whether to purchase another iPod, a couple of steps above the shuffle. i usually like the no muss no fuss stuff. don’t need to watch fucken tv or videos, just want good music. i want to have an iPod specifically set up with running tunes. have to work on a playlist.

work is moving right along. hopefully, it’ll be a little bit busier.

***two thumbs up to sarah palin for having the nerve to compare herself to the Bard. what a fucken idiot that woman is…***


Jul 192010

true blood gets better and better with each episode. dang. i love franklin…what a nut.

got home from work about 3 hours ago….need some sleep!

Jul 172010

ever since i moved back to ny and started running road races. it was extremely hot. not sure why they didn’t schedule the race to start earlier than 9am. i usually (if i run in the morning) am out the door by 5:30am. it’s too damned hot to run at 9 or 10am. i had it in my head though, that i’d run at a slow pace because i’m a sweater. i sweat buckets. i had plenty to drink about 1 hour before the race and drank at every other water station. but my body wanted to go slow and i didn’t want to push it for fear i’d injure myself. i’ve been having some pain for a long while now but with icing and working on my posture and gait, it’s manageable. also, i ran a brutal 7 miler yesterday at the gym. i’ve incorporated short walking breaks into my runs. still am unsure if i’ll be able to run the marathon. i’ll keep going, following the schedule and see how i feel come sept.

it’s tough trying to fit a running schedule in with an overnight work schedule. i feel that my body runs better at 10:30pm. i ran a 5 miler earlier this week late at night and i found the “zone” quickly. my legs felt good running…

this mornings race, all around me there were folks struggling. one lady stopped and was coughing and then vomiting. i stopped to help her… not a good day to run hard or work on speed or try to run a personal best. especially if you haven’t been training to run in this type of heat to begin with. that’s why i took it really slow. will run another road race in August and then that’s it for me…

it’ll be just training.
almost 5pm. one more hour before i begin getting ready for work. hopefully, tonight won’t be a repeat of last week. it was busy and i’m working with an assistant that has zero experience in the field. tough, when you have emergencies coming in and your coworker doesn’t know their ass from their elbow and it’s only you, them and the doctor. sucks. i hope this changes in the future.
finally watched An Education. nice little flick. still haven’t gotten to Little Dorrit. i keep falling asleep! and heck, if i need sleep, i sleep.