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Jun 102010

social crisis, just another tricky day for you… the WHO

i’m on a quest to hunt down vinyls that i never had the brains to get when i was young. the albums that contain songs that make up the soundtrack of my youth. i’ve found an old record shop that, if it lives up to its reviews, will prove to be a treasure trove of music. it’s an old school record shop…piles of dusty vinyls, unorganized and cluttered. :-))

first item on the list:
the WHO – Quadrophenia – i love 5:15
some old motown – maybe some Jackson 5
YES – Fragile
Neil Young – Harvest Moon
Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed and Tattoo You
anything in vinyl by the doors…i have it all on cassette for god’s sake!
the Clash – Combat Rock and London Calling
Joe Jackson – Night and Day, Jumpin’ Jive (also have on cassette)
and if i find some Bowie…that’ll make my day…no vinyls, i have most of the important ones, but i’d love to find Heroes, Low, and Lodger on cd… especially Heroes…god that album was awesome…i may just put it on right now! holy…i have to get off of this thing….i’m getting stuck listening to all of the Bowie albums: diamond dogs, stationtostation, aladinsane, lodger

this was what teenaged franny was listening to.

Jun 082010

was a good and productive day despite the simple fact that all i wanted to do was hang on the couch eating cookies and watching a movie…

did some apartment cleaning (manoman, does the kitchen floor look nice!), bought and put up some new shower curtains, returned items to the library and checked stuff out, donated blood, and bought some beautiful tomatos and italian bread for dinner tonight.

still need to:
-change linens on the bed
-do some laundry
-handwash my scrubs
-scrub the bathtub
-go for a short run in about 3 hours if i feel okay

my boy kitty has taken to urinating on anything (cloth) that i leave on the floor or couch. yesterday, i left a bedsheet on the couch that i was using to cover myself while watching the last episode of trueblood season two. this morning, i notice a faint smell of urine that doesn’t smell like it’s coming from the litterpan… i pick up the sheet and lo and behold, the little stinker peed on it…thank god it didn’t soak through to the couch. i don’t think this is a medical issue, but a behavioral one. i’ll run it by one of the doctors at work though to see what they think. my orangehead has been going nuts head shaking and scratching until she bleeds. i hate cleaning out her ears because it totally stresses her out and i’m afraid with her heart disease, it’ll push her over the edge. but i decided to clean them anyway. wow. i pulled out the biggest waxy goobers ever. she hasn’t fussed since. seems comfortable. hopefully they’ll stay clean for a while.

i think it’s been about 6 years since i donated blood. the last experience was not a good one, i nearly crapped out on a bus going home from downtown philly. they never did call to see if i was okay. i had filled out a report. what they did do is send me a goddamned umbrella. great. that was the last time i donated in PA. on my way home from the library, i saw an RV with numerous notices taped to parking meters encouraging folks to donate blood. i said, what the heck, let me donate. my iron was good, my bp was good. so, rocking out to the clash and linkin’ park, i pushed my blood into the bags…

oreos and apple juice…

head home. and here i sit.

dvd list:
the time traveler’s wife

penne pasta with fresh vine tomatos, garlic, and imported parmesan cheese
crusty italian bread
chunky monkey in the freezer

how lucky am i?