Jun 232010

on an ice pack. finally found a link on a runner’s world forum about the pain i’ve been having for a couple of years now:

ischial tuberosity pain syndrome

from what i’ve read, the future looks dim for recovery of this…

currently rocking out to Who’s Next (excellente album).
episode 2, season 3 of True Blood rocked it. geez, i hate when an episode ends because they ALWAYS leave you hanging and it’s a long week to wait for the next one.
ran a 3 miler this am. relatively pain free. much concentrate on my gait and being distracted mentally.
so, i drove up to Mom’s yesterday and we went shopping. she needed sneaks, i needed some summer clothes. after trying on a zillion pairs of sneakers, she bought a pair of sandals. 🙂 gotta love Mom. i bought 2 skirts, a women’s cut polo shirt and a beautiful cotton gauze white blouse (very hippy, peasant looking). i haven’t worn a skirt in years. i bought a mini skirt in sage green and a really pretty pleated hippy peasant slate colored skirt in cotton gauze. very feminine looking. also finally got some earring backs so that i can wear my earrings again… need to find a gold chain for the cross and virgin Mary medallion…the one i have broke and my neck feels naked.

library trip yielded:
Who’s Next cd
Little Dorrit vol. 1 & 2 (because Matthew Macfadyen is freakin’ smokin’ hot!)

BrokeBack Mountain…it’s high time i see this flick
Sleeper – because the first time i saw this flick i peed my pants laughing.

the first week of july is around the corner as is the official beginning of marathon training. WHO-HA!


  4 Responses to “i’m currently sitting…”

  1. Whenever I think of Sleeper, I remember my 3 or 4 year old son laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe during one of the scenes. Thanks for the happy memory. 🙂

  2. Have you actually considered seeing a doctor for this pain? The net is limited in the amount of accurate information you get.

    I’m currently summer-slumming with Royal Pains and Burn Notice. I am anxious for the summer season of Eureka to begin, but am a bit worried by what I see in the promos; they may have ruined it.

  3. you have to see him in Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley…. drool…one word…drool… i’ve watched that movie at least 10 times…yeowza.

  4. OMG, he IS smokin’ hot!

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