Jun 252010

my latest creation for long car rides in the moonlight at 3am from Mom’s house heading to brooklyn via the palisades pkwy, gw bridge, henry hudson pkwy, and that wonderful bqe… i’m a little bummed i forgot! to include Silversun Pickups Panic Switch. unfortunately, this is the type of cd that i can’t add or delete from… so, i may just have to go out and get those kind and re-burn this.

Song Title time Artist Album

Isolation 2:36 Snow Patrol Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur [Disc 2]
Amazing 3:07 Tin Machine Tin Machine
C’mere 3:11 Interpol Antics
Ask 3:17 The Smiths The Sound Of The Smiths [Disc 1]
Set The Fire To The Third Bar 3:24 Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright Eyes Open
Keep the Car Running 3:29 Arcade Fire Neon Bible
Evil 3:36 Interpol Antics
Fair 3:55 Remy Zero Garden State Soundtrack
NARC 4:08 Interpol Antics
Wonderwall 4:08 Ryan Adams Love Is Hell, Pt. 1
Jigsaw Falling Into Place 4:09 Radiohead In Rainbows
Let Go 4:13 Frou Frou Garden State Soundtrack
Nude 4:15 Radiohead In Rainbows
Lebanese Blonde 4:47 Thievery Corporation Garden State Soundtrack
Getting In Tune 4:50 The Who Who’s Next
Rebellion (Lies) 5:11 Arcade Fire Funeral
Love Is Noise 5:28 The Verve Forth
Wake Up 5:35 Arcade Fire Funeral
Troy 6:35 Sinéad O’Connor The Lion And The Cobra

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Jun 252010

quiet and still, but my skin is humming, my insides wailing like arcade fire.
i’m going down. into the beautiful and familiar brilliant blue. this time, i dive…

i’m home in the low. nestled in between gorgeous accordion and strings, resting on hope in dread. i sink back and let it cover my head. seep through me, rinse it in deep…

Jun 232010

on an ice pack. finally found a link on a runner’s world forum about the pain i’ve been having for a couple of years now:

ischial tuberosity pain syndrome

from what i’ve read, the future looks dim for recovery of this…

currently rocking out to Who’s Next (excellente album).
episode 2, season 3 of True Blood rocked it. geez, i hate when an episode ends because they ALWAYS leave you hanging and it’s a long week to wait for the next one.
ran a 3 miler this am. relatively pain free. much concentrate on my gait and being distracted mentally.
so, i drove up to Mom’s yesterday and we went shopping. she needed sneaks, i needed some summer clothes. after trying on a zillion pairs of sneakers, she bought a pair of sandals. 🙂 gotta love Mom. i bought 2 skirts, a women’s cut polo shirt and a beautiful cotton gauze white blouse (very hippy, peasant looking). i haven’t worn a skirt in years. i bought a mini skirt in sage green and a really pretty pleated hippy peasant slate colored skirt in cotton gauze. very feminine looking. also finally got some earring backs so that i can wear my earrings again… need to find a gold chain for the cross and virgin Mary medallion…the one i have broke and my neck feels naked.

library trip yielded:
Who’s Next cd
Little Dorrit vol. 1 & 2 (because Matthew Macfadyen is freakin’ smokin’ hot!)

BrokeBack Mountain…it’s high time i see this flick
Sleeper – because the first time i saw this flick i peed my pants laughing.

the first week of july is around the corner as is the official beginning of marathon training. WHO-HA!


Jun 152010

and crushing on a co-worker. how sad is that?
i’m also convinced that i’m going through perimenopause AND midlife crisis…for god’s sake, i’m listening to my old bowie records and the WHO! i’m revisiting music i was listening to at least 25+ years ago. i’m brooding over that fucken “cortisol” belly i can’t rid of…i’m forgetting how to talk to guys… sad.

getting old kind of sucks.


Jun 112010

i’m listening to Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs. it is the third track on the 4th side of Quadrophenia Double LP.

yep. i found it in the old record shop in park slope… i also bought Achtung Baby to replace the copy i left in the case of a cd i’d borrowed from the library…i think it was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium… anyhow, i had to get the hell out of that store because i could have easily spent $100 in no time flat. almost bought Abbey Road…i have most of the Beatles stuff on cd, plus i have the Anthology on video…

didn’t find any old Bowie except for Ziggy and i already have that one.
i did order Heroes on cd…it’ll be in next week.

on the way downtown, i hit the library first to return some items and check out more:
AC/DC – Back in Black (need i say anything?!)
Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne
Young Victoria
Grapes of Wrath (2nd time i’m trying to view, it’s rough to watch)
Little Ashes (because i just can’t get enough of Pattinson boy)
Poseidon- let’s see if it lives up to the original with Shelly Winters!
Nanny Diaries – because we all need some damned fluff to occupy some of the ole brain AND, i enjoyed the book

so, kids, visit your local record shop and support them, where else will you hear hardcore music lovers state that if the world is ending, you may as well be listening to a good tune? …de do run run run, de do run run