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May 312010

why should i care, why should i care?…

it’s not teenage wasteland…the song is called baba o’riley.

so goes the quote from an episode of Freaks and Geeks. of course in my mind, i go to the b side of scary monsters where the first track is teenage wildlife…
i was always in a perpetual bowie mode back in high school.

how come you only want tomorrow, with it’s promise of something hard to do

such a great album…the last of the great bowie albums (in my opinion) although, let’s dance deserves an honorable mention. anyhow, back to freaks and geeks (yet another wonderful tv show that got the ax from the network monkeys). i’ve pretty much done watching all of the episodes made for tv. i highly recommend anyone who went to high school in the 80’s to get a hold of the one and only season they had and watch. it’ll bring back lots of memories. plus, the music is awesome… some wonderful actors came out of that show too.

training week 1 went okay. i’ll be coming out of a rest day to run a 4 miler tomorrow. legs are holding out okay, i’m getting into the habit of icing aches and pains sooner and more often and taking aspirin. seems to help with recovery.

beautiful weather this holiday weekend. my christmas cactus bloomed (1 flower).

okay. i’m getting sleepy, must get some rest…

i cheated…

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May 252010

it’s 3:23am, early tues morning and i skipped most of season 6 straight through to the last episode of Lost.

somehow. i’m glad i did. bittersweet ending…what got me all choked up though, was the dog.
woke up about 9pm, did a mini workout (upper body, abs, and squats)…did some apt cleaning, cat care, and have been chilling out until now.

trying to find a running club or partner to motivate me, there are pros and cons to this…afterall, running is a solitary sport. sure you run in crowds etc…but you really only race against yourself.

will head to bed in a few minutes, wake up around 6:30am and don the asics for a three miler (but who knows, it could turn into a 5 miler)..depends on how i feel. i’m a little fatigued. but will press on. because. i can.


May 222010

uninstall, reinstall iTunes, scan drive (iPod is connected to) to fix/restore damages…and lo and behold, i can sync my iPod to iTunes and add/delete songs. however, when i run diagnostics, it still says that there is no iPod attached… very strange.

still, i don’t recommend anyone downloaded an updated version of iTunes (9.1.1) because when i did, all the problems syncing began…there are message boards regarding all the problems iTunes 9.1.1 is causing folks everywhere.

unfortunately, it is now 3pm and i have only 3 hours to sleep before getting ready to go to work… 🙁


iTunes and my iPod…

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May 222010

so, i’ve downloaded the new version of iTunes (9.0) and somehow, when i try to sync my iPod, the program craps out and stops working…i end up having to reboot my computer. i’m unable to sync new songs to my iPod even though i can still add up to 200 songs… a little upset since all of the troubleshooting options i’ve tried through the apple website haven’t worked. i do have a new norton antivirus that i downloaded but i’ve since been able to sync my iPod and add new songs so i don’t think that is the problem. apple has admitted that the new iTunes 9.0 has been a problem for many folks out there who are having similar issues as i am but where oh where is the fix??????????????

got up this 9:30 am even though i went to bed at about 6am so that i could do a mini workout (abs, biceps, triceps, and some leg work and stretches). will try to hit the sack at about 12:30pm or 1pm. my legs are a little sore from yesterdays run but then again, i did walk an extra mile and a half (had to run some errands). while at the library, i printed out individual month calendars from May to Nov and two 18 week marathon training schedules. i’ve got the rest of may and june to workup my weekly mileage to 15. then the beginning of july, i follow the schedule (tweaked to fit my work schedule and to include weight training). if my legs can’t handle at least a month of the training schedule, i will drop out of running the marathon and re-apply for 2011.

seems to me though, my motivation is now coming from sheer will. i hate being 44 and not feeling fit, being sore and injured. i want my fit body back and there isn’t any age number that should keep me from this goal. numbers don’t matter. i’ve been thinking alot about why i want to run the marathon. haven’t come up with a solid reason other than wanting to run more than one in my life time…three is a good number…

currently reading:
bowie bio
dvd: Star Trek (i enjoyed it)
The Dutchess (seemed pointless and sad)
haven’t seen yet:
Hellboy II: the golden army
The Painted Veil
Inglourious Basterds
Mister Foe
cd: Unforgettable Fire
Rattle and Hum
hope Bono recovers quickly and well.
chilly ciao mein!

May 212010

adjusting to the overnight shift again. still sleeping a little too much. i hit the gym yesterday after work and it wasn’t a good idea. it’s more than being tired though, i’m not mentally alert. how to change this? i’m trying to eat better. drink more water and eat more fruit.

i can’t deny that i’ve been in a sort of pre-mid-life funk. i find it difficult to motivate myself to head out the door and run, go to the gym, you name it… not really sure how to deal with it.

so, i’ll finish right here. finish putting on my running sneaks and see how far and long i can run today. the weather hasn’t been much help…but hopefully the rainy cold days are done and we’ll see more sun and warmth.



ran a 3 miler. i feel okay. will see what happens tomorrow. it’s a gorgeous day again and while i’ve been up since 11pm last night…i don’t feel tired so i’m heading back out to run some errands.
ciao again!