Apr 302010

okay. i’ve banned 2 folks (but who knows, they could be the same person for all i know)from commenting in this diary. mostly because this is one of the few places where i can control crazy. believe me, i get enough just traveling on the subways of nyc…i don’t need to deal with the nutjobs here as well.

in fact, this is turning into the year of the nutjob…teabaggers, birthers, and almost everyone living in oklahoma and arizona.

think about it as you light up your joint and forgo the condom.

don’t know…

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Apr 292010

today was my last day and despite their trying to pull a fast one, i kind of feel a little sad…or something…not exactly sure what. i’m no good at endings. don’t like goodbyes. even when they are necessary.

so, i’m sitting here, sipping a glass of wine, and wondering what is next.

i tried. i really tried. i just wish somehow it would have worked…

so now, i am still in search of the place i will retire from. i’m beginning to think i’ll never find it.

i’ve got two days off before i go back to the new job fulltime. i’d already been working at it mostly part time for the past 2 weeks and it’s been a little tough since i’d be working during the day and then have an overnight shift to get through…now i’ll be strictly overnight.

so it is.

currently listening to pandora. i love it. watched a wonderful film entitled “Bright Star” about Keats (the poet) and his muse Fanny.
cried my eyes out.
need to get some sleep.

that’s what i want….

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Apr 282010

so, i’ve been getting spam from stunods looking to make a quick buck off of some fool. i used to just delete them or send a reply stating that the email was being forwarded to the FBI. now, i’m going to entertain myself by answering the idiot’s email asking THEM for money.

response #1 asking if i’d send $$$ to accept millions in my bank account…
“sure send it over. i’ll take it all in $5’s.”

response #2:
“Yes, surely friend. I will send the $95 immediately, but can you send me $10 for the postage? Please include:
Shoe size
Social Security Number

Thank you”
how in hell does ANYONE fall for this shit?
i’ve discovered AOL radio and Pandora. freakin’ awesome…i love the concept behind Pandora…the music genome project.

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Apr 272010

it’s late
i’m going to bed

sing me a lullaby…