Mar 292010

mobs are a funny thing. the bully in the schoolyard always has his cronies, who may not necessarily agree with the bully’s actions but dare not question lest he/she become the new target of the bully.

people that are a part of a mob who demonstrate against a particular issue they are passionate about tend to feel powerful holding up their signs of discontent. they are proud at their “cleverness” in creating their slogans.

signs. slogans. offensive t-shirts with swastikas. uncle sam hats with hate words sprawled on them. effigies burning. bricks through a window. threats left on voice mail. powder filled envelopes mailed to local govt offices.

2 suicide bombers blowing 37 people to their death.

a man taunted, beaten, and hung on a cross wearing a thorny crown.

1. which part of these scenes do you participate in?
2. if you believe in a religion, do you truly practice its teaching?
3. do you believe everyone has the right to live?
-unborn babies
-the illegal alien on the street corner waiting for work?
-the boss picking up the illegal alien for work he/she will pay in peanuts?
-the man who shot up his kids?
-the girl who put her kitten on fire?
-the politician who supports a healthcare bill?
-the woman who posts a map with crosshairs on where to hunt supporters?
4. can you, without hesitation, say that you are proud of yourself? your
actions, your beliefs, and most importantly, your spelling?

i say that when frustration begets violence/criminal activity…it is time to sit down and think about where the anger is coming from. what is it that truly has everyone so angry?

it happens in third world countries
it happened and led to WWII
it is a nasty four letter word.


i used to think that money and the pursuit of it was the root of all evil. now, now i think that it is fear…

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