Mar 152010

dear moonage daydream,

i’ve been meaning to write this for a while so here goes, i don’t think you know him but i’m putting it out there:

alright jim’s brother…i want my tape back. it’s been about 25 years…
it’s okay. you can return it whenever you get the chance, i’m not difficult to find you know and it’s been a long time, i miss listening to london girl and body of an american….
it’s been very windy, rainy, and slightly cold. i don’t mind. it’s how i’ve been feeling for the past month. it’s like that last few meters where you feel you just can’t make it…you see the crowd, the clock at the finish line, you see the crocus’ stubbornly holding onto the cold, hard dirt… you know spring, warmth, sunshine, will come…you know you’ll step over the line and be able to stop. but in the moment, you drag…you ache…for something to give in so that….

is it the winter blues? is it the crappy work environment? is it the coming and going of people, relationships, time… they all eventually slip away.

i wish i could appreciate the gift that is life…in relative comfort and health..i know that i am lucky. and yet…

so, today, i’ll do some apt. chores, put my stationtostation and lodger vinyls on the turntable, and wait for an important call.

ps… i know that you’ll agree with me that it’s about time someone formed another caffeine induced party…talking ’bout the coffee party. you should check them out on facebook. finally, a group to balance out the numbnuts that make up the tea party.

with love and a sigh,
alligator girl

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