Nov 212009

i read the Salamander’s entry for today! hehehe…still laughing.
gawd! i’ve never been to a reunion, nor plan to…ever. didn’t even go to my college graduation…neither one (there was 2)
it’s been gorgeous weather lately. went running two days ago. was going to go out tonight, but i’ll be running a race tomorrow morning so, i’ll give my legs and feet a rest. been working out hard at the gym. trying to change my routine up a bit. will give free weights a try. i really really want to train for the 2010 marathon. we’ll see how these last three races go.
i need to hit the sack early tonight. didn’t get much sleep last night. orangehead seems to be getting sick. she goes up/down with her weight. will most likely make an appt. for her to see the vet on Monday…get her thyroid levels checked, maybe even get some rads done. she’s been coughing intermittently for a few weeks now. you ask why i’ve waited so long.
FUNDS were low last month. the job change, the bank change, and lots of other crap screwed me financially…just catching up now.

a bad excuse. i know. i do bring my stethiscope home and listen to lung sounds…which sound clear. her mm/crt haven’t changed, and the coughing s really like once every couple of days…hopefully, she’s okay, as okay as a pushing 16 years old kitty that is FIV+, has heart disease, a grade 3-4 heart murmur, and is hyperthyroid can be. we’ll see what happens…
now, i’m back to feeling a little depressed. ah well…Sal, i hear, is throwing a kegger and you’re all invited! ;-P

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  1. My friend and I have agreed: no booze, except maybe some mulled wine. I’ll have mulled cider and soft drinks, cookies and Chex mix.

    This is what happens when you age. Keggers turn into tea parties.

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