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Oct 042009

truth, i guess, can be subjective as well. but deep down inside, and sometimes it takes alot of cajones to admit or even find, we can all uncover why we believe what we believe. what is at the root of what we believe? is fear fueling it?
it’s 3:10am. i’m going to bed.
it’s almost 11:30pm and i really should be in bed. first day at the new job tomorrow.

but i keep thinking, reading, about the creeping hatred against our President. it is clearly a hatred against his person, not so much about his choices or ideas. this hatred shows itself through racism, through blatant disturbing postings (facebook had to remove a group poll on if Obama should be assasinated)…the pictures of angry people at rallies, the joy of republican party members at the Olympic bid loss, the 400% rise in death threats…the mock pictures of him as a clown in white face or as a witchdoctor…

what is going on? and more importantly, does anyone partaking in any of this activity, is there a conscience involved? do these folks go to church on sunday and what is it that they confess if they are catholic, what is it that they ask forgiveness for from God? do these folk think about how his children may feel? how worried his wife may be?

this behavior is irrational. as irrational as someone yelling out loud during an important speech.

would it be different if a white man were the president? what about a hispanic or if he were jewish or buddhist?

to fear what is different can close off an entire world of new ideas and possibilities.
i’ll begin a new job tomorrow working for a different type of practice…but generally doing the same thing…taking care of companion animals. i feel most comfortable with the four footed furry creatures. they don’t discriminate. a friendly hand (doesn’t matter what color, sex, or creed) will almost always be rewarded with a kiss.

Oct 022009

who’s calling who “un-american?”

i read this article and it made me physically ill. what in the hell is wrong with the folks in this country? really. someone EXPLAIN this to me…

When the International Olympic Committee voted against Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics this morning — after the President and First Lady flew to Copenhagen to push for it in person — the Weekly Standard newsroom burst into applause.

“Cheers erupt at Weekly Standard world headquarters,” wrote editor John McCormack in a post titled “Chicago Loses! Chicago Loses!”

The line was quickly removed, but ThinkProgress caught it in time and posted a screenshot of the post.

But even with the edits, McCormack is still obviously reveling in America’s defeat.

“As a citizen of the world who believes that No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation, I’m glad that the Obama White House’s jingoist rhetoric and attempt to pay back Chicago cronies at the expense of undermining our relationships with our allies failed,” he wrote.

McCormack’s fellow conservatives joined in the celebration.

“Chicago and Tokyo eliminated. No Obamalypics,” Michelle Malkin tweeted, following up with, “Game over on Obamalympics. Next up, Obamacare.”

“Please, please let me break this news to you. It’s so sweet,” said Glenn Beck on his radio show.

“Hahahahaha,” wrote Red State’s Erick Erickson. “So Obama’s pimped us to every two bit thug and dictator in the world, made promises to half the Olympic committee, and they did not even kiss him. So much for improving America’s standing in the world, Barry O.”

The Drudge Report announced the news like so: “WORLD REJECTS OBAMA: CHICAGO OUT IN FIRST ROUND. THE EGO HAS LANDED.”

“The worst day of Obama’s presidency, folks. The ego has landed. The world has rejected Obama,” echoed Rush Limbaugh.

“For those of you … who are upset that I sound gleeful, I am. I don’t deny it. I’m happy,” Limbaugh said. “Anything that gets in the way of Barack Obama accomplishing his domestic agenda is fine with me.”

“President Obama fails to get the Olympics while unemployment goes to 9.8% Iran continues nuclear program. America needs focused leadership,” Newt Gingrich tweeted. Then he added, “Somehow charm and oratory dont seem to work in foreign affirs but historians have warned that foreign policy is different than campaigning.” (sic)

“ChicagP//n3D!” tweeted Newsmax, of recent fame for running, then pulling, a column about an impending military coup against Obama.

Apparently no one read the tweet from former Bush flack Scott Stanzel.

“Note to GOP officials/consultants – resist the temptation to pile on about Chicago losing the Olympic bid just because Obama made the pitch,” he wrote, advice reportedly passed on by Former Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden.

Fox News, however, saw it coming. A Fox anchor told senior adviser David Axelrod she could “imagine the headlines” that would come out of this, that Obama had been “rebuked,” and had “failed.” Axelrod simply responded that no one could doubt Obama’s influence after watching the G-20, and said neither he nor the President have any regrets about trying.

article is from TPM livewire

signs, signs, everywhere signs…

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Oct 022009

The Funniest Protest Signs Of 2009
Huffington Post | Alex Leo
First Posted: 09-21-09

Read more at:

well of course!???

wow. geez. i’m speechless.

wow…there are no words…

hehehe, what the hell…

uh, you may want to check spelling before heading out the door armed with yur anger!

my favorite of the group! LOL!

protest on prop 8… 😉 a couple of these are directed at the Mormon church…

this one i post for those particularly extra self-righteous folks out there!

and last but not least: the true measure of things…i’d like to see this guy proudly display his sign while riding his bike around 125th street in NYC… we’ll see how much smiling he does…

fringe benefits of failure…

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Oct 012009

and the importance of imagination.

a wonderful commencement speech given by J K Rowling to the Harvard Class of 2008. a friend sent me this and i listened to it after a really tough day…

i’ve been job hunting and while it hasn’t been that difficult to get interviews etc. it’s still depressing when all you anticipated was that you’d never have to do this interviewing crap again because you thought you were in a job that you’d be able to retire from. leaving the job was, to me, a sort of failure. i didn’t achieve all i had wanted to, in fact, i lost the ambition to even try.

today, after a short stint working at an unsuitable clinic, i find myself getting ready to take on a new opportunity. i’ll be pushed to get over my faulty confidence. i’ll be pushed to learn more and do more. i had two ways in which to turn and decided on one solely based on how scared i was to be challenged… i picked the job that gave me the most butterflies…

how else to learn and grow?

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Oct 012009
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