Oct 282009

and i’ve been up for about an hour. it is a stay in bed with a cup of nice tea, a good book and two curled up kitties kind of morning. it’s cold outside with softly noisy rain falling. it’s my day off. i’ve lots to catch up on but not much ambition…

ran a 5 miler this weekend. awful pace. legs are really sore…i’ve got 3 more races to run and one race to volunteer for. this sunday is the ING NYC marathon. i’ll be volunteering to help out the NYRR and will be stationed at the finish line. hope the weather cooperates.

awaiting a great friend to return to the nyc area after many many years. it’ll be great to hang, attend live dance performances, visit museums, and troll the many libraries and bookstores in nyc.

currently reading:
the sixth (?) book in the Sookie Stackhouse series: All Together Dead. they are a hilarious read and a good distraction from a busy and serious work day. also checked out a book on the Dog Heroes of 9/11. beautiful shots of sweet dogs and their handlers.

currently watched:
Pride and Prejudice – yet another adaptation (BBC and very good)
Fur – an imaginary bio of Diane Arbus with Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Kidman
couldn’t watch Dark Water (too much of a downer)

i’d love to stay in my flannel pajamas all day. i’d love to hide out in my sweatshirt hoodie, wrapped up in a comforter, laying on the couch reading a book but…
-i’ve got to do laundry
-get to the gym
-move the car for alternate parking
-return library materials

it is now 6:54 am. i’m heading back to bed for another hour and then resigning myself to the very sad fact that i have to be an adult at least until i get the errands done…


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