Sep 202009

Human Swingshot

The Human Swingshot consists of a vertical swing cable, suspended from the middle of the support cables, and a rope lanyard, connected to the swing cable. The team member begins the activity suspended from a rope lanyard that is connected to the swing cable. She is pulled from the starting position (near the ground) to the top of the swing arc by a haul line controlled by the other team members. The team member releases herself from the haul system by pulling a small trip cord. Once released, the participant swings down on the swing cable. The amount of swing is determined by the height at which the team member releases herself. The Human Swingshot works effectively as a tool for trust building, self–confidence, communicating, and cooperation.

Leap of Faith (Plank/Pole)

The Leap of Faith is a utility pole/plank (or small platform) about thirty–five feet high. A staple climb provides access to both. Above the Leap of Faith pole and off to one side, a buoy is suspended (about seven feet away). The Leap of Faith Plank is similar except that a larger platform is attached to the side of the pole. The team member climbs up the pole to the top of the pole or plank. She stands on the pole/platform and dives for the target buoy, suspended from the cable, trying to hit the target buoy with her hand. The Leap of Faith works effectively as a tool for trust building, self–confidence, communicating, and cooperation.

can this guy get more obnoxious?

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Sep 152009

yes. i too will join what has become the national debate on civility, racism, reverse racism (whatever the hell that is…) etc etc. ad nauseum….

taylor swift wins an award
kanye west has a momentary lapse of reason (something he seems to suffer from chronically) and all hell breaks loose via the media (twitter, news shows, talk shows etc etc etc)

lord. yes. he’s an ass…jackass. (no offense to the jackasses of the 4 legged variety) but if taylor swift got over it…who the fuck is the public to continue the venting of hatred at kanye. do you folks want to really do damage?

ignore him and let he and his brand of art disappear. he’s a publicity whore. and y’all are feeding his hunger.


the city of brotherly love…

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Sep 152009

-hires mike vick to play for the eagles
-lets the free public library sink and close its doors (all branches) because there’s no money…

ah. it’s nice to know that i’m still glad i did the right thing leaving this god-forsaken city with its obnoxious sports fans, subtle racial tension, and sad priorities.

who will watch the kids after school?
where will the homeless congregate?
and more importantly, where the heck will the public get to check out dvds for free? god knows they are a more popular check out item then books.
sad, it’s all sad.

Sep 102009

i need to run 5 races and volunteer for one in order to gain automatic entry to the ING NYC Marathon 2010. i’ve just registered for 3 and sent in my volunteer form. ran a 1 miler last night. legs felt okay last night but this morning, very sore. weight trained pretty hard on tues night…added weight to leg and arm machines.

i’ll just have to face that i’m going to be sore. must focus on my core and lose a little weight. abs are pretty sore this week. i guess the most important thing is to gain back that blind discipline i had back in 2004…when i was training hard. of course, i had more time and put my body through less stress (work-wise) than now. now, i’m doing overnight shifts 12 hours and 14 hours and this has taken its toll on my body and mind.
will do sit-ups, light lifting, and stretch before i head out to work (14 hour shift). prepare a good dinner to bring to work and try to avoid the M&M’s…


i will run 2 more marathons in my life
i will run 2 more marathons in my life
i will run 2 more marathons in my life…