Jun 272009

my mortality.

childhood icons…slipping away or abruptly gone. i can tell, (especially for generation x’ers such as myself)that there is a little bit more sobering sadness in the air for…

the singer, dancer, artist, who will never get back his glory days or have the chance to redeem himself.

for the actor, never quite taken seriously, never quite reaching that marital bliss with a longtime lover, never quite getting all of the kudos she deserved.

for the priest with whom countless of us made our first communion with (me solo!), he excelled in his profession, made a difference in plenty of lives, and was content to live a less glamorous life.
may they all rest in peace, shake off the stress and worry, leave lasting memories/moments of greatness….a show stopping moonwalk during, dare i say, one of the most exciting shows on primetime television that i’ve ever watched (25 Years of Motown) kick ass dramatic performance and critical acclaim (Ms. Fawcett’s performance in the Burning Bed), and the simple fact that folks will come from around the states to gather in a church and remember, reconnect, and celebrate a humble and good to the core man of the cloth.

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