Jun 232009

a friend of mine sent me a very humorous link to a video on youtube entitled, buffy vs edward.

kicks ass… but i’m still going to catch ALL of the twilight movies.
so. today i added a few more songs to the playlist:
It’s Not Unusual….Tom Jones
She’s a lady…..Tom Jones
Got to be Real….Cheryl Lynn

awaiting to borrow cds by Luther Vandross, Mark Anthony, and Gloria Estefan
finished reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris and just picked up from the library Living Dead In Dallas along with the dvds Music and Lyrics and Babette’s Feast.
back to the reunion09 playlist… holy! the difference between dance music then and now (and i don’t listen too much of the current dance music) but damn, the singers could SING! even Michael Jackson sounded good…just listen to Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough….

these songs are made up of something other than heavy bass and synthetic sounds. these songs use real instruments. just think of why most of the successful Rap/HipHop these days consists of “samplings” older songs.

when i was young (before i was a teen) i loved watching the dance programs on tv. my favorite? Soul Train. the dancers were better and the outfits were wilder than on American Bandstand but the Bandstand did have some great musical groups on their show. my favorite part during the Soul Train show?…the line. two lines would form and face eachother with a space for dancers to dance down. sort of like a really funky virginia reel.

of course, i practiced those moves in front of the mirror. i cringe to think about trying to dance like that now…hehehe
ah well. time to get a little reading done, get stuff ready for tomorrow (orangehead has an appointment with the doc)


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