Jun 162009

but i’m actually contemplating heading back down to philly…to the reading (pronounced like redding) terminal market. i’m kind of jonesing for some of that amish peach bread…i miss that bread! and i miss the produce. although, we have a pretty decent farmer’s market on 14th street union square…

maybe i’ll go visit the shelter…

and stay at my sister’s house in stroudsberg…

not sure. need to be able to have care for the cats…since orangehead is on 4 different meds.

she had her appt. this morning and the doc said that she’s doing well for a kitty her age with all of the ailments she’s suffering from and all of the meds she’s on. i’ve taken good care of her. we sleep together almost every night. the ritual is that when i get into bed, i pull the covers down and she hops in bed and nestles herself in the crook of my arm. she stays there for a few hours and then goes off towards the foot of the bed and sleeps there. she’s really an awesome kitty. she’s been there for me during many a tough time.

anyhow. perhaps i’ll drive down for the weekend…and ask my neice if she’s interested in hanging in my apt and taking care of my cats…we’ll see.

i feel the need for a road trip. i’m feeling the need to get away and be near a large body of water and sand. the rates out on the island shouldn’t be too bad, especially during this economy… i’ll start looking now.

it was a rough at work last week. hopefully, this week won’t be so tough.

i’m heading to the couch to relax, since i’m on call and they might call me in.

currently listening to:
Prospekt’s March EP by Coldplay
No Line On The Horizon by U2
Old School Rap by various artist (for reunion party purposes)

currently waiting for:
the first book in the series on which True Blood is based on (or, i can’t remember the title and am too lazy to do a web search)


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