feelin’ it…

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Jun 272009

my mortality.

childhood icons…slipping away or abruptly gone. i can tell, (especially for generation x’ers such as myself)that there is a little bit more sobering sadness in the air for…

the singer, dancer, artist, who will never get back his glory days or have the chance to redeem himself.

for the actor, never quite taken seriously, never quite reaching that marital bliss with a longtime lover, never quite getting all of the kudos she deserved.

for the priest with whom countless of us made our first communion with (me solo!), he excelled in his profession, made a difference in plenty of lives, and was content to live a less glamorous life.
may they all rest in peace, shake off the stress and worry, leave lasting memories/moments of greatness….a show stopping moonwalk during, dare i say, one of the most exciting shows on primetime television that i’ve ever watched (25 Years of Motown) kick ass dramatic performance and critical acclaim (Ms. Fawcett’s performance in the Burning Bed), and the simple fact that folks will come from around the states to gather in a church and remember, reconnect, and celebrate a humble and good to the core man of the cloth.


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Jun 232009

a friend of mine sent me a very humorous link to a video on youtube entitled, buffy vs edward.

kicks ass… but i’m still going to catch ALL of the twilight movies.
so. today i added a few more songs to the playlist:
It’s Not Unusual….Tom Jones
She’s a lady…..Tom Jones
Got to be Real….Cheryl Lynn

awaiting to borrow cds by Luther Vandross, Mark Anthony, and Gloria Estefan
finished reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris and just picked up from the library Living Dead In Dallas along with the dvds Music and Lyrics and Babette’s Feast.
back to the reunion09 playlist… holy! the difference between dance music then and now (and i don’t listen too much of the current dance music) but damn, the singers could SING! even Michael Jackson sounded good…just listen to Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough….

these songs are made up of something other than heavy bass and synthetic sounds. these songs use real instruments. just think of why most of the successful Rap/HipHop these days consists of “samplings” older songs.

when i was young (before i was a teen) i loved watching the dance programs on tv. my favorite? Soul Train. the dancers were better and the outfits were wilder than on American Bandstand but the Bandstand did have some great musical groups on their show. my favorite part during the Soul Train show?…the line. two lines would form and face eachother with a space for dancers to dance down. sort of like a really funky virginia reel.

of course, i practiced those moves in front of the mirror. i cringe to think about trying to dance like that now…hehehe
ah well. time to get a little reading done, get stuff ready for tomorrow (orangehead has an appointment with the doc)



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Jun 222009

so, here’s my reunion09 playlist (not done yet!)
still need to add some AC/DC, Police, Led Zep, Billy Joel, Elton John, Aerosmith…more 70’s rock!

add some U2, Bowie, Radiohead, Bjork, Interpol, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, and most of the 80’s alternative and this is the soundtrack of my life.

Dancing Queen 3:52 ABBA
How Long 3:23 Ace
Biggest Part Of Me 5:26 Ambrosia
A Horse With No Name 4:13 America
So In To You 3:18 Atlanta Rhythm Section
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe 4:34 Barry White
Heart Of Glass 4:33 Blondie
More Than A Feeling 4:42 Boston
Lowdown 3:21 Boz Scaggs
Stomp! 6:23 The Brothers Johnson
Kung Fu Fighting 3:18 Carl Douglas
You’re No Good 3:42 Carly Simon
Drive 3:56 The Cars
I’m Every Woman 4:08 Chaka Khan
The Flame 4:47 Cheap Trick
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 3:22 Chicago Classic
Brick House 6:12 The Commodores
Let It Whip 4:47 Dazz Band
Groove Is In the Heart 3:52 Deee-Lite
Black Water 4:19 The Doobie Brothers
September 3:35 Earth, Wind & Fire
Fooled Around And Fell In Love 2:59 Elvin Bishop
The Best Of My Love – The Emotion
Shame 3:50 Evelyn “Champagne” King
The Rockafeller Skank (Short Edit) 4:01 Fatboy Slim
Cold As Ice 3:19 Foreigner
Feels Like The First Time 3:29 Foreigner
Disco Nights (Rock Freak) 3:55 G.Q.
The Message 6:32 Grandmaster Flash
White Lines 7:31 Grandmaster Flash
Sara Smile 3:11 Hall & Oates
Boogie Nights 3:41 Heatwave
Always on Time 4:05 Ja Rule
ABC 2:57 Jackson 5
Missing You 4:30 John Waite
I Can See Clearly Now 2:49 Johnny Nash
Get Down Tonight 5:17 KC & The Sunshine Band
My Sharona 4:02 The Knack
Wild Wild West 4:40 Kool Moe Dee
When Will I Be Loved 2:12 Linda Ronstadt
Reminiscing 3:31 Little River Band
Everybody Plays The Fool 3:21 The Main Ingredient
Got To Give It Up (Part 1) 4:14 Marvin Gaye
Family Affair 4:26 Mary J. Blige
U Can’t Touch This 4:18 MC Hammer
Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now 7:01 McFadden & Whitehead
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough 3:56 Michael Jackson
I Wanna Be Sedated 2:30 The Ramones
Chuck E’s In Love 3:28 Rickie Lee Jones
What I Like About You 2:55 The Romantics
Car Wash (Single Version) 3:17 Rose Royce
Crazy 5:57 Seal
True 6:34 Spandau Ballet
Babe 4:02 Styx
Rappers Delight 14:16 The Sugarhill Gang
Boogie Oogie Oogie 4:04 A Taste Of Honey
(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin’ 3:08 Whistle
Freaks Come Out At Night 4:43 Whodini
Play That Funky Music 4:59 Wild Cherry
Summertime 4:30 Will Smith
The Things We Do For Love 3:32 10cc
Shining Star Earth Wind and Fire
Super Freak Rick James
Flashlight Parliament
Lady Marmalade LaBelle
Fire Ohio Players
That Lady Isley Brothers
You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate
Word Up Cameo
One Nation Under a Groove Funkadelic

i can’t believe it!…

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Jun 162009

but i’m actually contemplating heading back down to philly…to the reading (pronounced like redding) terminal market. i’m kind of jonesing for some of that amish peach bread…i miss that bread! and i miss the produce. although, we have a pretty decent farmer’s market on 14th street union square…

maybe i’ll go visit the shelter…

and stay at my sister’s house in stroudsberg…

not sure. need to be able to have care for the cats…since orangehead is on 4 different meds.

she had her appt. this morning and the doc said that she’s doing well for a kitty her age with all of the ailments she’s suffering from and all of the meds she’s on. i’ve taken good care of her. we sleep together almost every night. the ritual is that when i get into bed, i pull the covers down and she hops in bed and nestles herself in the crook of my arm. she stays there for a few hours and then goes off towards the foot of the bed and sleeps there. she’s really an awesome kitty. she’s been there for me during many a tough time.

anyhow. perhaps i’ll drive down for the weekend…and ask my neice if she’s interested in hanging in my apt and taking care of my cats…we’ll see.

i feel the need for a road trip. i’m feeling the need to get away and be near a large body of water and sand. the rates out on the island shouldn’t be too bad, especially during this economy… i’ll start looking now.

it was a rough at work last week. hopefully, this week won’t be so tough.

i’m heading to the couch to relax, since i’m on call and they might call me in.

currently listening to:
Prospekt’s March EP by Coldplay
No Line On The Horizon by U2
Old School Rap by various artist (for reunion party purposes)

currently waiting for:
the first book in the series on which True Blood is based on (or, i can’t remember the title and am too lazy to do a web search)