May 302009

baby burn…
the massive compilation of 70’s & 80’s disco and soft rock has begun…i have to say that there was some really awesome music in both genres during these years…

stuff that really made you move your booty.

i’m having lots of fun.
it was an absolutely gorgeous day out there today and promises to be nice tomorrow. never did get to make breakfast since i ended up going to bed around 5:30am…and then had to haul ass running an errand to the upper east side. ran a couple of errands here in brooklyn as well, finally opened the dang library again…so i needed to return stuff. i did some food shopping and picked up stuff to make a greek salad (love feta cheese!)

will do some running tomorrow in the am and then head to work for a CE on ER stuff (purely optional but you can never learn enough when it comes to vet med.)

sleepy time.

as an aside…

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May 302009

one night, the doctors and nurses were talking about getting mugged, harrassed, bullyed, stalked while walking home, in the subway late night, etc etc.

the plan is to confuse the fuckers. instead of pleading, the plan is for some of my co-workers to yell out say, “PEANUT BUTTER EGG FOOT!” or ” SCOOBY CHOW DIGGING BEANS!” you get my drift…

or, if say, someone is following you…turning around and start flapping your arms like a chicken and clucking loudly or barking like a dog, or dancing around like the monkey who found the store of bananas, etc. etc.

me? i’d go with breaking out some of my modern dance improv and singing YMCA in a scarily insane voice.

the point? most likely THEY will be stunned, lose the power, gumption to harm, and may even become a little fearful of you!


peace out again!

the never ending show….

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May 302009

so, i split the overnight shift with another co-worker. i left work at about 1:45am and headed out into the new york city night life. i’m NEVER off friday night…

and what do i see?
many enibriated folk (that’s understandable, it’s friday night…)

then i descend into the subway to catch one of 2 trains i need to take to get home. what do i see?

1. some drunk guy that looked like he was in his 40’s, peeing in between the subway cars. he returned to the two friends sitting near where i was standing…he wore tacky navy blue and white plaid pants and a sky blue button down shirt. his fly was wide open…

2. i get off of the train to wait at a station for the next train. i sit and pull a book out…this way, i don’t have to see, hear, (got the iPod in) or have to talk, although, lately, a book and/or earphones seem to invite questions from the numerous dumbasses that ignore the simple fact that my face is planted in a book and/or i can’t hear them because Kurt Cobain is shouting in my ear about teen spirit… anyhow…i’m reading. all has been well, noone bothers me…then comes a guy, he sits next to me, even when there is an empty seat on the other side of where he is… he proceeds to stare at me. his entire head is turned to the right and is looking at the side of my head. now, EVERYONE can tell when someone is staring at them because there is this sort of tension…or uneasiness. so, i look. because EVERYONE will look towards the area from where that uneasy and tense staring is coming from. i look away. i tend to sit at the tip of the seat mostly because i have my bulging knapsack on, so, i take the knapsack off and move my back up against the seat.

now, the sucking of the teeth, the little annoyed laugh comes… i look, because i’m human and what else is there to do really?! and the guy says, “are you irritated because i’m reading your book?” i look at him and say, ” i didn’t say anything to you about reading my book.”
because it is always wise to confuse the fuck out of someone hell bent on instigating trouble so that perhaps they can take all of their life’s frustrations out on YOU in front of an audience to further give them more power by having witnesses…

-i COULD have said:
“why would anyone begin reading a book at page 222?” (causing further confusion)
“i’m awestruck you can read!” (elevating this guys wishes FOR a confrontation)
“fuck off” (inviting physical harm)

so, i chose the most inane, silly approach, i repeated his question by making it a statement (give or take a few words)

the guy then contiues to sit next to me, and proceeds to whistle, hum to himself etc. etc. i continue to read.

i didn’t get up
i didn’t stop what i was doing
i didn’t give him power over what I WANTED TO DO which was to sit and read in peace.

of course, he got up and went away.

lessons learned:
if you’re gonna wear tacky assed pants, make sure your fly is up
if you’re gonna pick on what you may perceive to be a meek, shy, weak white woman, make sure it ain’t me because i’m not white, meek, or weak. get over yourself and stop blaming any race that isn’t your color for your shortcomings.

life is tough all over. go talk to the guy in the plaid pants…
i was going to hit the diner and get an early breakfast but as i rounded the corner to head towards my building, i see an extremely young guy (high schooler?) hitting on a very large (okay fat) older woman wearing short shorts and looking shameless. he said, “i can show you a good time” she says, “i don’t think so”.

that cements the simple fact that it’d be safer to deal with the daytime numbnuts, then the wacked out weirdo trouble makers that seem to plague the new york city night life and were sure to be at the diner delivering chaos to the poor waitresses and unsuspecting early birds. no wonder everyone gets drunk…it’s the only way to get through the night.

so, i’ll venture out later this AM to get a carton of eggs, some monterey jack and sharp cheddar, and italian bread. i’ll make my own damned breakfast in the quiet and sane universe that is my apt.

ciao and peace out!

May 272009

but not really today. today, i’m tired. i don’t want to go in… because sometimes, it’s just too hard…to see the 16 story hi-rise kitty with 2 broken legs and heartless owner. it’s too tough to watch the dog that’s been trying to die for days…

i can’t today.

but there is no free pass. there are no excuses for calling out. so, i hold onto the last few seconds before i need to head to the shower, get my gear together and head for the door.

it’s not stubborness. it is not the new york cityness. sometimes, there is just nothing to smile about.

i plug in, tune out, and hope to get through another day.

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May 252009

well, if there was a parade today in my corner of brooklyn, i slept through it…windows wide open and all. 😉 of course, i’ve taken to sleeping with the ole iPod plugged in.

in a few hours, i’ll be heading back to work.

in the meanwhile, i’ve managed to sweep, vacuum, and mop every room in my apt. i’ve washed out all of the cat gear, watered and fed them.

on my way to work last night, passed lots of drunken silly folk. ah, well, enjoy your youth. soon enough, you’ll all be proud owners of spare tires and sagging boobs. 😉 but then with age comes the “not caring” anymore.

so, off to do situps, bicep and tricep curls.
because hey, i still care.

don’t drink and drive.