Apr 272009

of the lonely.
been rereading entries here. so much happened. too bad i deleted some of the first few hundred entries. never, never delete again. it would have been interesting to read where i was at in 1999…

been pretty tired today. off the ole overnight schedule because it’s just too tough to sleep through a beautiful and warm day. i’m fighting to stay awake right now…i should just give in and sleep.

may is on the way. (yes, i know that was a little corny)

not really sure what else to write, not feeling particularly inspired at this point. i do miss some of the writers that aren’t here anymore. they were good.

okay, so where am i at now, here in 2009?
i’m still working and learning at a career that i worked very hard to get to. i’m surviving living in the big, bad city that is nyc. i’m finally beginning to do some things around the city, moreso than before. i’m fighting temptation to call an old friend. not sure why. i’m surviving…supporting myself, taking care of my financial committments and somewhat behaving like an adult. go figure. i’m living. doing. being. is this it? is this it. this is it. it is this. well alright.

i edit myself quite a bit here. past experiences make it necessary. defeats the purpose of having a diary though, doesn’t it?! not sure if this will ever change. and that kind of sucks.

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  1. Hey kid, that’s what the private posts are for. Besides, old evils have found better places to rot. New evils don’t care about us old-timers. However false the feeling, I’m convinced we be safe now.

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