Apr 262009

…franny is finally back.

a big thank you to dd admin.
1. i promise to write down my password for the diary where i can find it
2. i promise to change my email for notifications etc, before i change my ip

so, finally, the ole landlord turned the heat off… i headed to the gym and worked out for about an 1.5 hours. but i was so damned hot, i didn’t go into the sauna and headed home instead. the weather was gorgeous outside. everyone out and about. tomorrow, i’ll be driving up to see Mom. also, will plan on getting tickets for she and i to visit the Intrepid…she’s been wanting to go, but wanted to wait for better warmer weather. hopefully, this isn’t a mean Mother Nature trick…then again, i did watch An Inconvenient Truth, so it’ll more likely be a humans-keep-screwing-Mother-Earth-so-she’s-decided-to-cook-us reply to our stupidity.

hey, i’ve at least gone green with my electricity…it’s 100% wind power. 😉
need to get to sleep. didn’t get much on account of the heat and work stress and i don’t want to head up north too late in the morning although, i keep thinking it’s Monday when it really is Sunday. such is life when you finally get a fucken Saturday off…you lose all sense of what day it is, what time it is and who the heck you are.

and in comes pseudo summer. flaunting flirty skirts and anxiety. but i wear the number 43. i pull on the dark teal blue polo with a butterfly. the jeans that are just a little too tight at the waist. the comfortable sandals. no make-up, no earrings. no watch. no ring. and i want to love my neighbor, i want to smile at strangers. i want to shine yellow, but can only manage tired indifference colored pale blue…

*title is lyric from a Shin’s song entitled Caring is Creepy 😉

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  1. Pleased you finally made it back. Been a long time coming.

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