May 262008

yes. i’m the girl who slept for only 2 hours and yet awake, ready to sit under the brooklyn sun. i’m the sore soul that keeps running into death to the point of numbness…then my weekend hits and i can be a sorry wuss and cry cry cry…
i’m the woman sitting on the train pretending to read, wearing earplugs pretending to listen, eyes diverted to the ground pretending to not care. i’m the female going through life changes of hot hormonal flashes and pms aches downing ibuprofen and cursing the gods, hot with mysterious anger and quick with a slam-you-down quip. i’m the exhausted nurse with a full ward under my care, a dryer on the fritz, no extra hands to assist, and a slice of cold pizza for dinner. i’m the new yorker, rolling my eyes at:
1) the slow-ass moving tourists taking up the sidewalk’s width
2) the a-hole cabs trying to beat the red light
3) the countless cellphone using nimrods who can’t walk and talk at the same time
4) the smokers who light up at the subway entrance
5) the dickweeds who walk their dogs with no leads…

i’m the girl mooning over sailors wearing their whites and shiny shoes…

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