May 162008

stay. you keep me indoors inside the glowy yellow thinking about the sad slow roll of traffic with heartbreaking red lights trailing behind.

ah heck, i lost the feeling…will finish this later!

yep. the feeling is gone. i should have just kept writing…it’s been a lazy kind of day…laundry, read a book, dust and comb out the cat kind of day. it’s been chilly. but i don’t mind days like today. sometimes it feels good just to cozy up in a comforter with a good book and waste the day away.

my arms are supremely sore (triceps especially). the gym i normally go to opened up a branch that is closer to my apartment. the new gym is pretty sweet…more showers, a really nice women’s locker room and most importantly, a spinning bike for everyone’s use!! i can go for a ride anytime i want!!! spinning bikes are much much better than the regular bikes at a gym because they are so much closer to riding a real bike. i love doing hills… tomorrow, i’ll get there early for a ride and some strength training.

i’ve been meaning to go see Ironman, hopefully next week.

currently reading: Pemberly
current music purchases:
Ultimate Otis Redding
Grover Washington Jr. Just the Two of Us and other hits
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

yes, it’s a mishmash. a few weeks ago i found Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights…for $11. what i still can’t find is Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti. i can’t order anything from because it’ll get stolen like the last time. (yes, unfortunately i live amongst thieves) and i can’t seem to find a decent music store around here. so, i’ll be forced to troll manhattan where i’m 100% positive i’ll find a good music shop (one that sells vinyls)…it’s sad though that Tower Records folded. there used to be a nice one in the village. they had a regular store that sold all types of music and one solely dedicated to classical (i believe). the computer has killed the album, the radio, the old small record shop… i used to go and troll this tiny shop in rockland county (tapeville usa). i bought all my REM records and tapes there. actually, i bought alot of albums there…there and at a little shop in brockport ny.

one thing about working overnight shifts. on my days off, i have to stay on the overnight schedule and often catch those annoying infomercials…there was one on tonight hawking 80’s music (ballads, pop, rock and dance tunes) lord, i almost bought it just for Spandau Ballet’s True. i love that song. it brings back a lot of good memories. alas, i did not make the purchase.

glad they are indicting that lady who set up that bogus myspace account that caused a young teenaged girl to kill herself. it’s about damned time law enforcement took cyber bullying seriously. people think that words can’t harm, that they can hide behind a computer and do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it because they live in another state or country etc.. a nice wake-up call to all of those dumbasses out there, and there are lots of them out there. i hope they lock her sick ass up for a long time.

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  1. I can’t believe that woman is actually trying to plead "not guilty". And, as you know, I fully share your disgust of cyberbullying.

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