Feb 222008

we are currently getting pummeled with snow here in NYC.
i am currently getting pummeled with a nasty cold spreading like fire at work.

but things could be worse. i could be one of those schmucks trying to drive in this and end up wrecking the car. thank god they suspended alternate side parking, because if they hadn’t, i would have had to get out to move the car by 8:30 am.

alas, i’ve been home sick for 3 days now. hopefully by the weekend, i’ll be better.

of course, miss kitkat has been like velcro these past few days…i lay on the couch, she nestles in on my chest. i sit at the computer, she climbs up onto my lap. she’s a good nurse that way.

it’s been torture. not being able to run. i’m beginning to dream about running. today, i have a doc. appt to get my leg fixed. now, i’m not sure if they’ll cancel due to the weather. i’m sure this inactivity is the reason why i’ve been sick more than usual these past few months. my body doesn’t feel like it’s mine anymore….a terrible feeling.

i’m hoping by spring, i have a better functioning left leg. but i may have to put my marathon plans on hold and go for 2009…

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  1. I’ve fallen woefully behind – just trying to catch up now. Keeping my fingers crossed about the leg.

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