Dec 302007

ah well, it’s 2:39 pm and i’ve been up for 1 1/2 hours. it’s been a hectic and busy week at work…hence the catching up on much needed sleep. the cold or whatever it was is gone, now it’s just my body out of whack…everything hurts and i haven’t had a chance to get to the gym…i guess that’s just as well since rest is more important at this point than pumping iron. still, my body feels like shit.

i don’t like that.

another year almost gone and what have i done?

-i’m working at the toughest job, physically, mentally, and emotionally, i’ve ever had. and damn it! i’m doing it and improving day by day.

-i’ve managed to run 11 races this year (9 qualifiers for automatic entry to the marathon) i’m acquiring a nice running t-shirt collection.

-i’ve mastered driving on the cross bronx expressway, FDR drive, westside highway, through the brooklyn battery tunnel, and the BQE (brooklyn queens expressway) not too shabby for a girl deathly afraid of driving over 30 miles an hour on a skimpy philadelphia street just a few years ago…

-i’ve continued to visit my local library (with every apt move) and continued to read books and check out videos and dvds of classics (currently reading Eat, Pray, Love and have On the Waterfront cued on the vcr)

-i’ve survived the death of my beloved calico girl…but am still sad about it and still miss her. so does orangehead.

-i’ve managed to get the professional respect of a bigwig colleague that, at times, instilled the fear of god in many others, proving the simple fact that if you show some honest respect, you get respect.

so, what does next year have in store? what should i work on? what resolutions are there to make?

-make one good friend to hang with outside of work (this isn’t easy in a city like ny).
-keep active in order to keep mentally sharp and emotionally confident.
-do something for pure pleasure (take a dance class or art class)
-work on becoming professionally accredited in the specific department i work in.
-begin research and planning for a trip outside of the US. the only country i’ve always wanted to visit was Italy. great art, food, and weather.
-learn to scull and perhaps ski…(although i have no skiing equipment…and it’s a dang expensive sport)
-one day open myself up to love again, because right now, my heart is shut up tight.

we’ll see how this all fares out next year…


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  1. Best of luck on the entire list, frannygirl.

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